Foodex 2014 | UK’s Biggest Food and Drink Exhibitions

The innovative and in constant update food manufacturing industry had three exclusive days to present ideas, and products and debate the future of processing, packing and logistics suppliers at Foodex 2014. The event was held at the National Exhibition Centre – (NEC), in Birmingham.

 We chose some highlights of the Uk’s biggest Food and drink event:

Qcumber Uk: It’s refreshing sparkling water with the flavour of cucumber. Several times mentioned as a perfect mixer for Pimm’s, for example, this curious drink can be already found in supermarkets like Tesco, Ocado and The-Co-operative. Qcumber was nominated as one of the top drinks the last summer. It probably will be a success in 2014 as well.


OhsooChilli Sauce: the name is different and the taste is unforgettable. A chilli sauce made with African herbs and spices. A family recipe for over 30 years that now is manufactured by a food company based in Bradford, UK.


Innovative Food Ingredients: a range of gourmet sausages, beef burgers, and vegetable oil-based marinades that together with Avo Lafiness produce fine-quality food ingredients.


a bit of a Brazilian taste at #FDX2014

Seewoo: Over 30 years of experience in the Oriental food market, the company started as a small shop in London’s Soho to become the Uk’s largest leading Oriental food specialist, with over 8,000 products available.


Ten AcreHome of eight flavours of hand cooked crisps. Gluten-free and dairy-free. All produced in Manchester.



Reiser Uk Limited: with over 50 years of expertise in selling and serving food processing and packing equipment, Reiser UK had one of the most exciting and visited stands at #FDX2014.



Unox: A worldwide manufacturer of a range of professional ovens for bakery, bake-off and gastronomy marketplace. Unox offered much more than this, improvising free cooking lessons during Foodex 2014. With free food tasting as well!


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  1. Really curious to try some of these brands. Great post.

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