Business in Brazil | 20th Intermodal South America

Companies from the most varied segments participate in the Trade Show and they promote a great opportunity for networking Cargo shippers and the industry represent nearly 65% of the event’s public


Between April 1 and 3, fifty thousand visitors will pass by the stands of the more than 600 exhibiting brands from more than 20 countries, for the 20th edition of Intermodal South America, at Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo (SP).

The companies that will visit the event consider Intermodal as an excellent strategic opportunity for generating new business. They are 65% cargo shippers, 17% from the transportation, logistics and warehousing sectors, 10%  of them are composed by import and export service companies, 3% are in wholesale and retail and 5% from other segments.

““We expect a more qualified public this year. Thanks to the variety of segments linked to modals and the diverse themes that will be addressed at the conferences, Intermodal establishes itself as an excellent platform for networking. In 2013, 47% of the visitors sought new products, services and solutions, and neatly 36% see the Trade Show as an opportunity to establish new commercial relations,” explains the trade show manager, Ricardo Barbosa.

Furthermore, 32% of the Intermodal visitors want to learn about the best practices and market tendencies, 23% want to meet with current partners and suppliers, 22% want to find new suppliers and 11% plan a new acquisition.

Conference – In 20th anniversary edition, Intermodal will organise a series of lectures scheduled for the three-day event. Exhibitors and visitors can participate in discussions where the focus will be the challenges of the logistics sector, mainly considering the maritime, highway and railway modals. Themes such as supply chain, highway accesses and logistics warehouse condominiums will gain greater expression in this edition, with renowned speakers who are specialised in the sector.

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