Multimodal |Click and Collect and Reverse Logistics Seminar

A look at the different trends emerging on-line in final mile delivery as on line sales increase


Mark Lawrence, from Collect Plus

One of the most expected seminars at #Multimodal2014, Click and Collect and Reverse Logistics, clarified some important aspects of the e-commerce industry.

Nowadays, the way we changed as consumers has a big impact in the supply chain that also results in a massive increase of e-commerce delivery activity.And e-commerce is definitely a market in expansion. With plenty of choice in buying products and services on line, the e-market has to adapt itself.

One of the challenges is provide a fulfilled service properly.

According to a survey published around 2012 about fulfillment services, the most frustrating situation for consumers is the amount of time they wait for their parcels to be delivery.

51% of shoppers are frustrated when the subject is waiting for some on line delivery.

Not everybody has the option of being at home waiting for their deliveries. If you miss your parcel, everybody knows it can become a real nightmare. That’s the reason services such as Click & Collect are becoming more popular than ever.

Click and Collect is a service that enables customers to place orders on line and collect them from certain points like stations or stations parks.

When we talk about e-commerce, many people would think that one of the most important aspects of a successful on line order delivery is the speed but consumers actually are more concerned about a good price and reliability of the service.

 “Click & Collect is the growing trading in fulfillment and in the next few years it’s going to increase considerable. The reason is the convenience and liability of the service. It’s filling a gap between the on line experience and the poor home delivery.” –Mark Lawrence, Operations and Service Director of Collect Plus.

It’s a proof that retails are listening to the customers and they realise it’s necessary to provide more other choices of delivery.

Collect Plus is the largest store-based parcel service in the UK, with a store network of over 5.500 pick up points in the country.

Note: At the same day of this seminar, Transport for London ( TfL) together with some retailers (Tesco, Waitrose and Inpost) had revealed their plan to provide more click and collect points in the London tube stations. for the coming months.

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  1. I confess I never paid attention to this service before but it seems very effective. Let me know how your experience with this service was.

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