Sky-high Value | The importance of air freight to the UK economy


Heathrow Terminal 5, photo: Rob Dann 

A very interesting about air freight industry in the UK was handled to me this week during my visit to Multimodal 2014.

Sky-high Value:The importance of air freight to the UK economy is a document published by Freight Transport Association (FTA) that presents the importance and role of the air freight to the economy and industry in the country.

With the role of handle about 40 percent of the UK imports and exports, the air freight industry can be underestimated when it’s just remembered for its passengers and business travel affairs.

This document also reveals the continuous investment in airports to the success of economy. Important facts such that can confirm it such as the global shippers paying to the UK air freight industry over £3bn to carry two million tonnes of goods a year.

According to Oxford Economics, Heathrow is one of the main reasons to this success, with the airport handles 30% of the passenger traffic and dominates the UK air cargo market.

More fact and figures about air freight:

  • Approximately 39.000 jobs provided. With majority of which dependent upon or clustered around Heathrow;
  • 91% of the jewellery shipments by value are transported by air freight, as well as 88% of aircraft and parts,76% of medical instruments and 62% of pharmaceuticals;

 To understand more about this air freight industry, you can download the Sky High Value document at the FTA website.

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