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With the World Cup in Brazil hitting the quarter-finals this weekend already, we have decided to have a quick peep in the teams (I mean, countries) left in the competition to talk about economy and exporting. Let’s understand how these countries and respective economies are behaving outside the pitch!

France x Germany

(Note: By the time this post was published the match has finished already, which Germany going through the semi-finals.)



France is the world’s fifth largest economy. A much diversified one, by the way, where services generate 20% of the Gross Domestic Products (GDP). The expectation to the growth of French economy is estimate in 1.5% in 2015.

Top 10 products exported by France: Passenger vehicles; aircraft; medicine in doses; motor vehicle parts; non-crude oil; wine; aircraft parts; electronic integrated circuits; aircraft engines and trucks.


Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the forth strongest economy in the world. The country has a strong industrial base and is heavily exporting oriented.

The successful export products from Germany are: passenger vehicles; motor vehicle parts; medicines in doses; non-crude oil; electronic integrated circuits; computers, printers & storage units; engine parts; trucks; mobile phones, video recorders & radio transceivers and mechanical machinery and parts.

Brazil x Colombia

(Note: Another semi-finalist was already decided here. Brazil beat Colombia. #ForçaNeymar)



As the currently seventh largest economy in the world with GDP and the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil counts on 400 of the world`s 500 largest companies operating in the country. It is a gateway for business in neighboring countries.

The largest port in the continent is Santos, in the State of São Paulo. It is the point of access for most imports from Europe.

Top 10 product exported by Brazil: Iron Ores & concentrates; crude oil; soybeans; passenger vehicles; soda & sulphate chemical wood pulp; cane sugar; coffee; chicken; soybean meal and motor vehicle parts.



It’s the third largest economy in Latin America and currently the 33rd in the world. According to the Work Bank, the country is 43rd easiest one to do business with. Other strong point in Colombian economy is its stable economy growth, with expectation to increase 4.3% in 2014.

Top 10 products exported by Colombia: crude oil; coal; coffee; bananas; non-crude oil; ferro-alloys; cut flowers & buds; passenger vehicles; waste & scrap of precious metals and cane sugar.

Argentina x Belgium



Argentina is the world’s 22nd largest economy and the second largest in South America. Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is the second highest in South America. A curious fact is that Brazil is the largest export destination for Argentine products and low growth in Brazil’s economy in 2014 will affect Argentina. But the country has natural resource base with high potential being top 5 world producers of agricultural commodities such as soya and maize

Top 10 products exported by Argentina: Soybean meal; non-crude oil; crude oil; soybeans; soybean oil; petroleum gases; corn; passenger vehicles; wheat; trucks.



Don’t underestimate the size of the country because Belgium is a small, affluent and multicultural country. And It’s also has an open and highly competitive market with opportunities in most sectors. According to the Work Bank, the country is in 26th position of GDP ranking in 2013.

Top 10 products exported by Belgium: passenger vehicles; non-crude oil; petroleum gases; medicines in doses; motor vehicles parts; polymers of ethylene; stainless steel products; polymers of propylene & other olefin; iron & steel ( clad) and iron & steel ( hot).

Holland x Costa Rica



The size of the Dutch economy is illustrated by its ranking among the twenty largest economies according to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2013, The Netherlands occupied the 18th position in the ranking. The country has an extremely open economy. Both export and import of goods and services exceed 50% of GDP.

Top 10 products exported by Holland: non-crude oil; computers, printers and storage units; crude oil; computer & office machine parts; medicine in doses; petroleum gases; electronic integrated circuits; cyclic hydrocarbons; polyesters, cigars & cigarettes.

costa rica

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica boasts the largest per capita income for any country in Central America and it is considered an entry point for doing business in the region. It`s an open and well-diversified economy that faces the 80th position in the ranking of largest economies. The country’s stable economy depends mostly on tourism, agriculture and electronics exports.

Top 10 products exported by Costa Rica: electronic integrated circuits; computer & office machines parts; bananas; dates; medical, dental and vet instruments; coffee; melons and papayas; medicines in doses; insulated wires & cables and electrical resistors.

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