The software that gave Brewdog the strength to grow its business

How Aloha Gave Brewdog the Strength to Grow its Business

As Brewdog, the internationally successful craft beer company, goes multi-location, Aloha Restaurant Point of Sale software from NFS Technology Group has been chosen to run the company’s bars. 

 Bored with the industrially brewed lagers and ales that dominated the UK, they decided to brew their own. It was the start of a major success story that began with their first craft beer bar, opened in Aberdeen in 2010. Today, the company’s bars around the world, open now and coming soon are located as far apart as Tokyo and Brazil.

For co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie, right from the start, Brewdog was all about craft beers.

 Aloha, the software solution chosen to run the company’s bars, offers a complete solution with seamless integration between table service, quick service, stock control, labour management, loyalty and gift cards, head office management, table reservations and more.

 With the addition of specialised integrated modules, the solution also offers Orderman Sol for hand-held devices to take orders tableside and deliver them wirelessly to the kitchen, and Pulse Real Time that delivers information about restaurant management direct to the user’s smart phone or tablet, in real time, wherever they are.

Brewdog prides itself on serving only the best, most exciting and most flavoursome craft beers from all corners of the planet. Its bars are places where customers can be indulged in everything that is great about craft beer from the depth of flavour and character, to the passion of the people behind the world’s best beers.

 “Aloha has given us a level of flexibility that would never have been possible when working manually,” says Martin Dempster, Brewdog’s Head of UK Operations.“It has allowed us to grow our business with better central management. We get improved visibility across our business and better financial controls”.

 “In a business like ours, dealing daily with a huge variety of rapidly changing products, the use of the right software solution is very important. Aloha has proved itself better for real time management, and the technology has given us the data we require to help grow the brand with a strong understanding of our business. It’s a great tool.”

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