Waterways #2 | Port of Felixstowe, England.


Also known as “The Port of Britain”, Felixstowe port is the busiest and biggest one in the country. It’s also the largest port in Europe.

Located in Suffolk, it’s also the busiest container port in the country, dealing with over 40% of British’s containerised trade.

The port is operated by Hutchison Ports UK  (HPUK), the largest foreign investor to Britain.


Felixstowe handles more than 3.7million TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) and welcomes over 3,000 ships each year, including the largest container vessels afloat today – crucially, the port provides some of the deepest water close to the open sea of any European port.With around 30 shipping lines operate from Felixstowe, offering approximately 90 services to and from 365 ports around the world.

70% of containers coming through Felixstowe are delivered to what is known as the ‘Golden Triangle’, a region in the middle of Britain where many of the country’s main high street brands and online retailers have their National Distribution Centres.


Together with its unrivalled rail and road links connecting the port to distribution hubs in the Midlands and elsewhere in the UK, Felixstowe plays a pivotal role in keeping the UK’s trade moving and delivers real benefits to customers, the community and the industry.


The Port of Felixstowe provides the best location in Britain for importing and exporting goods. It is closer than any other port to the main European shipping lanes within the Hamburg – Le Havre range, as well as being closest to the Sunk Pilot Station.

The world’s largest container vessels can fit anywhere in the port rotation of major services with minimum deviation from the main shipping routes, and at just two hours from the pilot station, our flexibility and speed cannot be matched.

Source: Port of Felixstowe

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