DHL expands shipping portfolio for private customers


  • Starting November 15: New DHL Päckchen up to 1 kilogram for €3.79.
  • Change of product range and prices starting in 2015

DHL Parcel is now offering private customers an additional ‘DHL Päckchen’ solution for shipping small packages up to 1 kilogram. With the new offer, DHL is expanding its shipping portfolio to include another attractive solution for particularly light shipments, a fitting addition for the pre-Christmas season.

Customers who want to send smaller Christmas presents to their loved ones can now benefit from the new cost-effective alternative from DHL for just €3.79.

The new Päckchen up to 1 kilogram will be available starting November 15 under DHL Online Franking. Starting January 1, 2015 it will also be available in all Deutsche Post retail outlets and DHL Parcelshops, for €3.95.

Expanded shipping portfolio in 2015

Likewise for the start of the new year, DHL Parcel is modifying the rest of its shipping portfolio for private customers and adjusting its prices accordingly. In addition to the new DHL Päckchen, the company is introducing another new weight class – parcels up to 5 kilograms – starting January 1.

The up to 20 kilograms weight class will be discontinued for private customer shipping, a change that will also lead to adjustments of shipping costs: Starting in January 2015, a DHL Päckchen up to 2 kilograms will cost €4.29 online instead of the previous €3.99, while purchasing the same item at a retail outlet will cost €4.40 instead of €4.10.

Starting in 2015, the price for the new up to 5 kilograms weight class will be €5.99 if purchased online using Online Franking and €6.99 if purchased at a retail outlet. Parcels up to 10 kilograms can be shipped starting at a price of €7.49 and even heavier items up to 31.5 kilograms starting at €13.99.

In short, DHL Parcel will be offering six Päckchen and Parcel formats for private customers. An overview of the current offer for private customers as well as a copy of the new portfolio effective January 1, 2015, has been included.

Post your holiday season parcels in time

Until the end of 2014 – and thus for the shipping of this year’s Christmas gifts – the prices and weight classes for private customers will not change with the exception of the new online Päckchen up to 1 kilogram.

This year customers who want their gifts to arrive in time for Christmas can post their holiday season parcels at any postal retail outlet operated by Postbank (so called Postbank Finanzcenters) until 10:00 am on December 23. Customers who plan on mailing their parcels at a Deutsche Post retail outlet or DHL Parcelshop should post them at the respective location by 6:00 pm on December 22.

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