UK Top Country for Nordic Buyers


The Nordic e-commerce market is in a phase of robust growth. According to a new report from PostNord , more than 15 million citizens of the Nordic region bought goods online last year. Just over one in three Nordic buyers ordered goods from foreign sites, for a total value of SEK 19 billion. In 2013, 49 percent of Nordic online shoppers bought goods from the UK, making the UK the top country for Nordic e-buyers.

People in the Nordic region are frequent and enthusiastic online shoppers. More and more retail businesses are now investing heavily in online selling, and in recent years several international e-commerce companies have elected to expand in the Nordic market. Widespread use of the Internet, excellent mobile telephony and mobile broadband availability, along with generally strong purchasing power and e-commerce maturity among the Nordic population, are driving this expansion.

“The robust growth of recent years indicates that the Nordic e-commerce market is playing an increasingly important role both to consumers and businesses. Nordic people are generally up for trying out new things and so often make a good test market when a business wants to expand internationally,” says Karin Falkentoft, Managing Director, Direct Link Worldwide Ltd.

When Nordic e-shoppers buy goods online from abroad, they mostly choose to order from the UK (49 percent), the USA (34 percent) and Germany (27 percent).

More exacting demands from consumers
The growth of e-commerce in the Nordic region has led to more exacting demands from Nordic consumers. Nordic shoppers want their goods delivered more and more quickly, and they want to decide themselves how the deliveries are to be made.

“Fast transport and efficient warehousing are important factors to all successful e-trading businesses. Logistics and supply chain, together with innovation and service-mindedness, are business-critical elements in e-commerce businesses,” says Karin Falkentoft.

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