Electrification will transform the Welsh railway

wales railway

Network Rail has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement on a funding package for electrification in South Wales.

Following the announcement, the Prime Minister David Cameron visited the Wales rail operating centre in Cardiff and met with staff and saw first-hand how the railway is run.

Mark Langman, route managing director for Network Rail Wales, showed the Prime Minister around the operations centre, which employs state of the art technology to make running the railway more efficient and reliable.

Passenger numbers in Wales have grown significantly over the last 10 years. This unprecedented growth is forecast to continue and the challenge now is to deliver a railway that is fit for the 21st century and meets the demands and needs of passengers.

Mark Langman, route managing director for Network Rail Wales, said:

“The Prime Minister’s announcement today is really great news for Wales. Electrification will transform the railway in South Wales, making journeys faster, more reliable, greener and quieter.

“An electrified railway will also help support economic growth by creating jobs and boosting the supply chain when work is undertaken, as well as providing a building block for future growth. It will help reduce journey times and boost commuting opportunities, making Wales a better place to do business.”

During the visit, the Prime Minister met with staff who manage the signalling system in South Wales, as well as the line from Shrewsbury to Crewe. This floor will expand as the signalling across the Wales route is renewed.

He then went outside to view the railway tracks outside the centre which is near Cardiff Central, the busiest station in Wales.

There are currently more than 100 staff working at the centre, which is designed to enable operational control, fleet management and passenger information to work as one unit. It has advanced signalling tools and technology to help reduce delays, improve performance, increase capacity and provide better information to passengers.

The building is one of the greenest railway facilities in Wales with eco-friendly designs including solar panels, rainwater harvesting and solar reflective glass to reduce the need for air-conditioning.

 Source: Network rail

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