The Art of Attentiveness: Spectacular light installations in European cities

Swiss International Air Lines starts Europe-wide campaign in London

Renowned light artist Gerry Hofstetter is set to illuminate iconic monuments and buildings in cities across Europe this winter.

The project, by Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), aims to celebrate personal attentiveness. Each installation will feature the eyes of the SWISS cabin crew to symbolise eye contact between people and encourage us all to be more attentive to one another.

On 26 November, SWISS and Gerry Hofstetter kicked off the project in London with a stunning and unique light projection onto the world-famous Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Being not only a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site but also the home of the Prime Meridian, Greenwich makes the perfect starting point for the art campaign.

Everyone can become a part of this movement. All they need to do is photograph their eyes and upload the photo to The eye selfies that are sent in will then become part of the final installation for greater attentiveness in 2015.

Eyes play an integral part because SWISS flight attendants receive regular training on eye contact and interpersonal attentiveness, yet in our fast-moving, ever-more digital world, interpersonal attentiveness is increasingly lost.

Felix Rodel, SWISS’ Director of the UK and Ireland said:

“As an airline we’ve got a strong bond with Great Britain. We also have a strong reputation across the world when it comes to attentiveness and care, so we wanted to see if others around Europeshared our commitment to making people feel special. Interestingly, it seems that while many share this desire, the digital age is making it harder and harder to achieve.”

About Gerry Hofstetter

Renowned Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter said

“Consideration in dealing with others is important not only to SWISS as an airline, but to all of us. Living in an ever faster moving world, there is great need for people to be more attentive to one another – this is why I am particularly excited to be a part of this incredibly beautiful movement for the cause of greater attentiveness,”

SWISS is acting as a Europe-wide ambassador, to advocate the virtue of attentiveness.

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