Meet the Business #3: Daniele Drummond Studio

Born in São Paulo, raised in Rio de Janeiro, and nowadays settled in Minas Gerais, the designer and artisan Daniele Drummond is a model of a modern entrepreneur to be followed. Creating unique ceramic items in her own studio, Danielle is now exporting her work to North America and Europe.

She is also a pioneer in e-commerce sales through Mãos de Minas , a non-profit organization that helps new businesses to increase the sales of their products abroad. Read the interview with Daniele now.

Midlands Traveller: How and when did you start to be interested in ceramics?

Daniele Drummond: It started in my early childhood, back to my 8 years old, when my mother noticed my interest in arts and enrolled me in some arts courses.

Midlands T: When your studio was created?

Daniele Drummond: I actually always wanted to have my own studio. But it was the necessity of having more space that made me leave home and start my business.

Midlands T: What are the main materials used in your artwork?

Daniele Drummond: My work is made of clay (prepared at high temperatures), vitreous enamel, and mineral oxides.


MT: What is the biggest inspiration for your work?

Daniele Drummond: I’m very connected to nature and my handcrafting inspiration is lace making.

MT: In which way, living in Minas Gerais has helped you to develop this kind of work?

Daniele Drummond: Actually, I lived in some other parts of Brazil such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro when I used to work in Tourism with my family. When I moved to Minas Gerais, I had closer contact with ceramics and then I decided to dedicate myself to this kind of work professionally.

MT: You’re a pioneer in e-commerce sales of this kind of product through the virtual store Mãos de Minas. How important are e-commerce and social media in your work?

Daniele Drummond: Currently, life seems to be based around the Internet. Something that facilitates making more contacts and consequently helps increase the sales of my products.

MT: Which countries your ceramic items are exported to?

Daniele Drumond: To The United States and France.

MT: What is the differential between your work?

Daniele Drummond: I think the differential is that all my products are done manually, carefully choosing both textures and colours.

MT: How do you see the Brazilian craftwork nowadays? In your opinion is there enough disclosure of the craftworking done in the country and abroad?

Daniele Drummond: I am so involved with my own production that I honestly don`t know how the Brazilian craftwork market is doing but I guess there is a favorable growth in the market.


MT: What are your future plans and projects?

Daniele Drummond: To keep improving my work, both out and inside Brazil. I also expect to expand the exporting of my pieces to other countries.

MT: What would be your advice for anyone thinking of starting a business?

Daniele Drummond: Just believe in yourself and always do your best. I’m sure you’ll gain some recognition.

Simone Ribeiro
Hi! I'm Simone, a citizen of Britain, where I live for over a decade, and of Brazil, where I was born. Midlands Traveller is where I combine my passion for travelling, business and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.