Meet the Business #3: Daniele Drummond Studio


Born in São Paulo, raised in Rio de Janeiro and nowadays settled in Minas Gerais, the designer and artisan Daniele Drummond is an model of modern entrepreneur to be followed. Creating unique ceramic items in her own studio, Danielle is now exporting her work to North America and Europe.

She is also pioneer in e-commerce sales through Mãos de Minas , a non-profit organisation that helps new businesses to increase the sales of their products abroad.

Midlands Trade: How and when did you start to be interested in ceramics?

Daniele Drummond: It started in my early childhood, back to my 8 years old, when my mother noticed my interesting in arts and enrolled me in some arts courses.

Midlands Trade: When your studio was create?

Daniele Drummond: I actually always wanted to have my own studio. But it was the necessity of having more space that made me leaving home and starting my business.

Midlands Trade: What are the main materials used in your artwork?

Daniele Drummond: My work is made of clay (prepared in high temperatures), vitreous enamel and mineral oxides.


Midlands Trade: What is the biggest inspiration for your work?

Daniele Drummond: I’m very connected to the nature and my handcrafting inspiration is lace making.

Midlands Trade: In which way, living in Minas Gerais has helped you to developing this kind of work?

Daniele Drummond: Actually, I lived in some other parts of Brazil before such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro when I used to work in Tourism with my family. When I moved to Minas Gerais, I had a closer contact with ceramics and then I decided to dedicate myself to this kind of work professionally.

Midlands Trade: You’re a pioneer in e-commerce sales of these kind of products through the virtual store Mãos de Minas. How important is e-commerce and social medias in your work?

Daniele Drummond: Currently, life seems to be based around the Internet . Something that facilitates to make more contacts and consequently helps increasing the sales of my products.

Midlands Trade: Which countries your ceramic items are exported to?

Daniele Drumond: To The United States and France.

Midlands Trade: What is the differential of your work?

Daniele Drummond: I think the differential is that all my products are done manually, carefully choosing both textures and colours.

Midlands Trade: How do you see the Brazilian craftwork nowadays? In your opinion is there enough disclosure to the craftworking done in the country and abroad?

Daniele Drummond: I am so involved with my own production that I honestly don`t know how Brazilian craft work market is doing but I guess there is a favorable growth of the market.

Midlands Trade: What are your future plans and projects?

Daniele Drummond: To keep improving my work, both out and inside Brazil. I also expect to expanding the exporting of my pieces to other countries.

Midlands Trade: What would be your advice for anyone thinking of starting a business ?

Daniele Drummond: Believe in yourself and always do your best. I’m sure you’ll gain some recognition.

Simone Ribeiro
Hi! I'm Simone, a citizen of Britain, where I live for over a decade, and of Brazil, where I was born. Midlands Traveller is where I combine my passion for travelling, business and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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