Two in one: an airport and a train station


Helsinki Airport will get the long-awaited train connection this summer when the Ring Rail Line opens.

The new rail line will provide an easy connection between the airport and the Helsinki city centre.

According to Ville Haapasaari, the director of Helsinki Airport, the new train link is one of the most important service improvements at the airport during the past 15 years – if not the most important.

– We are very pleased that the rail line and the fact that people can travel all the way to the centre of the Finnish capital by train will strengthen our status as a world-class airport, explains Haapasaari.

Finavia has already started a development programme, in which Helsinki Airport is being prepared for 20 million passengers each year by 2020. The opening of the Ring Rail Line gives an important boost to the development of the airport.

By train from St. Petersburg to Helsinki Airport

Helsinki will become an even more attractive option for Russian flight passengers as they can now take the train all the way from the airport to St. Petersburg.

Of course the train link will also provide a better connection between the Helsinki Airport and the city centre and it will help to make the public transport system in the Helsinki Region more comprehensive.

– The Ring Rail Line will provide a new travel alternative for flight passengers that have easy access to train services. It will also be important for people working in the airport area. They already number about 20,000 and according to forecasts thousands will be added to this total in the next few years. The rail link will also provide a major boost to the development of business areas, such as Aviapolis, which will have its own train station, says Haapasaari.

There are direct flights to 130 international destinations from Helsinki Airport and the train link will make them all within easier reach.

Source: Finavia

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