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The largest Container port in Denmark, the Port of Aarhus is an important route network to ports in the Nordic countries, Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe as well as ports in the UK, the eastern Mediterranean and the Far East.

International hub: The rest of the world is reached through weekly feeder connections between Aarhus and continental ports. The road network to the motorways is well-developed, the many hauliers ensure flexible transport, and railway transport provides several weekly connections with the container train to Zealand.


Each year, more than 600,000 container units pass the quays with goods from Denmark as well as other countries.

Bulk Terminal: It’s also the largest public bulk terminal in Denmark for transport of grain, feedstuff and oil. Furthermore, the Port of Aarhus is the largest ferry port in Western Denmark.

At the terminal, bulk goods such as coal and feedstuff are unloaded and loaded. We have the room for space demanding business activities such as project goods, wood and windmills awaiting shipment. Close to the terminal, you will find a weighbridge accredited for inspection, tally companies etc.

The Tank Terminal at the Oil Harbour facilitates unloading of oil products, gasoline, chemicals, molasses, fluid fat products and the like as well as well as bulk goods such as cement, stone and gravel.

The extension of the Port of Aarhus was determined in a master plan adopted by the city council of Aarhus in 1997. The plan has been revised along the way, but large parts of it have already been realised or have been initiated.


The master plan of the Port of Aarhus is working towards a total cargo handling capacity of 20m per year in 2020. The port will be expanded to approx. 180 hectares or 1,800,000 m2, and the maximum water depth is projected at 15.5 metres along the quays.

With a total of 1300 metres of quay, 550,000 m2 of land area and a water depth of 14 metres, we can receive the world’s largest container ships with their cargo in the container harbour.


  • Handle of all kinds of cargo – from solid to fluid
  • Each year, approx. 9 mio. tonnes of cargo pass through the Port of Aarhus
  • The cargo business is domestic as well as international
  • Improved infrastructure in the Eastern Harbour will be in place no later than 2020, where the tunnel below Marselis Boulevard is expected to be ready.

Source | Port of Aarhus

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