Brum Facts #2: ‘The Lovely People’ by Temper


Public space and art are a perfect match, especially when both are located in one of the coolest buildings in town.In 2010, one of the most famous graffiti artists from Birmingham, Arron Bird, aka Temper, created an installation called The Lovely People, in The Cube.

Did you know that….

The series of seven sculptures, made in bronze, represent local people who had their stories immortalised by Temper, such as a fire-fighter who was awarded with the George Cross medal, or a Holocaust survivor – that certainly would deserve a sculpture anywhere in the planet.

Digbeth Oct 2011 (172)

The work, which took two years to be completed, are scattered throughout the halls of the iconic three-story building, which also draws attention for its daring and stunning architecture, a masterpiece of concrete idealised by the visionary architect Ken Shutteworth.

This lovely people that Temper portraits in his sculptures represent the Brummies (as Birmingham locals are known), usually seen as a very receptive and hospitable people. It’s also giving a kind of charming touch to the most modern building in the city.

Published September 19th 2012 here

The Lovely People Installation | Photos Rob Dann

digbeth-oct-2011-1741 Digbeth Oct 2011 (171) Digbeth Oct 2011 (173) Digbeth Oct 2011 (184) Digbeth Oct 2011 (182)_picnik Digbeth Oct 2011 (181) Digbeth Oct 2011 (180) Digbeth Oct 2011 (179) Digbeth Oct 2011 (178) Digbeth Oct 2011 (176)

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