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Despite the noise coming from a new 3 bedroom-house development being constructed in the area, it was pretty nostalgic visiting the Old Yardley Village for the first time. In fact, it’s not difficult to imagine how that area used to be some centuries ago when the place was first listed in the famous Domesday Book.

The medieval St. Edburgha’s Church, dates back to 12th century, and the Old Grammar School – a very well preserved manor house- keeps alive the memories of a period when Yardley was an important rural site and a prominent area of east Birmingham.

There’s such a welcoming atmosphere in the area and I had picked the right day to be there, as it was possible to visit both iconic buildings inside and also hear a lecture about the history and importance of the area.As a conserved area since late 60’s, this part of Yardley is no longer a village but a quick peep at some photos in the archive of Yardley Conservation Society is enough to spot some changes and also marks from the past.

Some terrace houses on Church Road still remain the same and they’re kept and preserved by the Yardley Great Trust. They form a beautiful site – particularly from the benches of St Edburgha’s Church.

The Old Yardley Park is also part of this area that is preserved by a group of locals who really care about the village itself. Some of them were reunited in the Old Grammar School for some charity work and it was just delightful to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and chocolate cake while we visited this amazing manor house.


Tourists who usually visit Blakesley Hall, a historical Timber-house situated in the area, shouldn’t skip a trip to the Old Yardley Village. It’s an important part of the West Midlands’ history and deserves to be more explored.

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  1. I find your blog interesting and informative, the pictures are great. Hopefully get to see some more of these places next time we are over there

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