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One Trick Pony Club was the place I had chosen to start my New Year’s Eve celebration last year. Firstly, I love the name. Yes, silly thought but it’s a hell of a good one. And yes, I read the definition and meaning of One Trick Pony Club before writing this review and I presume it suits the place well.

Secondly, I love neon. “It’s very cheesy” some would think, but I just like how One Trick Pony Club take their neon signs seriously.


For a bar located in Moseley, having a modern décor does not just help to attract young people but also gives a bit of personality to the place.

(Note: I used to have drinks in that place when it was an O’Neil’s branch and I never had a complaint about the place. Actually, I was watching when Andy Murray won Wimbledon there and the atmosphere was great. I have great memories from that place to be honest.)

But I also had that feeling One Trick Pony would be a successful establishment as soon as I stepped inside the place. For being that kind of American-diner place, it’s definitely a good place to spend some time drinking with friends, especially in such an important date like NYE. I was right!


To start with, they serve Bacchus beer. My favourite Belgium one (at the moment) and as a selective beer to be offered, I truly believe they care about what is served there. Great choice!

I also have a “thing” for places with booths (yes, a good retro booth seating). They are comfortable and modern. And at One Trick Pony, they are huge. Huge enough to have bags, coats and four people getting together with plenty space to share.

Food: yes, expect some nice burgers and hot dogs, or plenty of nibbles to share. I pretty much like it. However, I was so tempted to try the Ruby Jean´s burger and didn’t expect to share any meat at all. The burger itself is really tasty. The onion rings and chips that accompany the meal are also excellent.


I also notice 2-4-1 (every Tuesday) deals that are definitely pretty much popular. While they asked for one of the veggie options, my husband got the plain hot dog and it wasn’t ordinary at all – It’s was more like outstanding.


Their selection of beers is also a great feature of the place. From real ales to fruity Belgian beers, it can be a bit pricey but makes the place a better option around to drink.

I left One Trick Pony before the buzz of a NYE evening started with the feeling that Moseley has definitely gained another successful establishment. Well done to Castle Pubs group for bringing another great bar to Birmingham.

* Published January 17th 2015 here

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