Canalways # 2: Birmingham and Fazeley Canal links

Birmingham 9th April 2015 (161)

Birmingham has more canals than Venice…you probably lost the counting on how many time you heard it. But what needs to be highlighted here is that it also the fact Birmingham Canal Navigation Systems is compounded of up to 100 miles of canals.

It´s certainly a huge piece of engineering that has fundamental importance in the development of industry and manufacturing in The UK.


Nowadays those canals are postal cards that also help to boost the tourism in Birmingham.

Luckily, the British Waterways and the Birmingham City Council has also documented the history of canals for years.

In the centuries 18th and 19th, the eastside of the city created the manufacturing prosperity that put Birmingham in the map of the Industrial Revolution.

Birmingham 9th April 2015 (37)

Birmingham and Fazeley Canal links and its hub is the Gas Street Basin, a really busy environment where restaurants, bars and cafés around add a vibrant atmosphere to its historic site.

The canal takes you past many central Birmingham landmarks, including the Post Office Tower. The Farmer’s Bridge Lock Flight is one of the outstanding sights on Birmingham’s canal network. The canal plunges down through dramatically floodlit archways, office undercrofts, and claustrophobic tunnels. It is a truly atmospheric link to the past in the middle of a modern city.

Birmingham 9th April 2015 (39)

Birmingham 9th April 2015 (170)

Birmingham 9th April 2015 (144)

Birmingham 9th April 2015 (159)

Source | Canal and River Trust Photos | Rob Dann

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