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The popularity of yoga is just phenomenal. The recognition of its benefits to mind, body and soul makes this ancient art a lifestyle from many people across the globe.

Not surprisingly, it also became one of the most popular business industries nowadays, being definitely a market that is booming with numerous services and products that it can provide.

Ochremoon emerged from the bright mind of a Brazilian photographer and Architecture Marina Favato, based in Birmingham (UK),  that came up with the idea of bringing her love of art into the passion for yoga.

To start, the business designs and manufactures products such as multi-purpose and hot yoga towels made of Eco-friendly recycled material, but the range of products will definitely grow.


Midlands Traveller: Firstly, I’d like to know a little bit more about your career background?

Marina Favato: Since young I have always had interest for various things. I have taken classes on painting, writing, drawing, photography and art. I am graduated in Architecture and Urbanism and have worked in the field for 8 years.

Later on I decided to invest on a passion and opened my own photography business. I had the joy to register many happy moments in people’s life for almost 6 years.

As a photographer, I used to work long hours and every weekend so that’s when I have decided to go on a six sabbatical months to take a break and make an old dream come true.

On this trip, I found someone very special and that is how I end up coming to live in England. Being in a new country gave the opportunity to reinvent myself and start something new and that is Ochremoon.


MT: How did you start with the idea of Ochremoon?

MF: What I used to do did not make me happy anymore so I decided to change all over again. Was not a night to day decision and took me a year to think exactly what I wanted to do.

Over this year I put together all my passions, my abilities, my dreams and capabilities on the table and studied what I could do with them. I brought my passion for yoga, design, travelling and nature into this business.

I was sure of two things, I wanted to have my own business as controlling my time is something that has always worked for me and on the other hand I wanted to create something beautiful that would take art into people’s life in a form of something very useful on their daily life and moments of joy.

Mermaid_blue_2MT: Any Special reason in the name chosen for your business?

MF: I wanted a name that would combine the idea of healthy and adventure lifestyle with an element of the nature. The sun represents life and energy and the moon represents cycles and constant change.

An ochre moon is a fusion of it all; a moon in a sun’s colour.

MT: Why did you choose this kind of product to work with?

MF: By researching on the Internet what sort of product was related with yoga, design, travelling and nature and combining them together. I begun with multi towels and yoga towels but in the future I plan to expand this range.


MT: What is unique about Ochremoon?

MF: Ochremoon is a representation of what I love the most and I believe that people like to relate with ideas that have a story behind it as they have their dreams and ideas themselves.

MT: What are the challenges of having a business like yours?

MF: I have had a business on my own before but setting a business in new country was a challenge as I had to study and understand the legal process of it.

It is much easier to open a business in UK than Brazil but yet I had to make sure everything was in agreement with regulation, taxes and laws. Finding the right manufacture to turn my ideas into a product was bit tricky too because everything had to be done over the Internet.

A lot of samples from a lot of companies were ordered until I found the quality and price I was looking for. As for the biggest challenge I guess it is yet to come as getting people to know and love the products out there.

MT: Who is your kind of clientele?

MF: Everybody that enjoys having fun in life practising healthy and adventures activities.

MT: What is the secret to keep the customers interested in your product?

MF: This is something I still have to work on since I have just launched the products. But I guess I will keep their attention by showing how much care and effort I have put in the product, what a good product it is and how wonderful it would be if they have this product to use.
MT:  How is Internet and social media important to the success of your business?

MF: It is a wonderful and fast way to connect to clients and partners. Internet and social media are essential for advertising, letting people know your product is in out there and how they can get it.

MT: For which countries are you exporting your products?

MF: We sell for all EU countries at the moment and I have also opened the business with a partner in Brazil.

MT: What is your advice for someone who is thinking about to start a business?

MF: Find what you truly would love to work with, do lots of research on the market and the legal procedures before thinking about opening the business.

Photos | Marina Favato

To know more about Ochremoon: 

Website | Ochremoon


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