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Over 60 million years ago lava and ash erupted from Mt Erciyes, Hasan and Gullu forming soft layers of rock. Eroded by wind and rain over millions of years this is now the extraordinary landscape of Cappadocia in central Turkey.

This dreamy moonscape is dotted with ‘Fairy Chimneys’, sinuous valleys with curvy cliff faces dotted with the chimneys make it one of the most stunning and surreal places to visit.

Humans have used the Fairy Chimneys as dwellings throughout history, carving them into homes and places of worship that still bear traces of thousands of years of civilisation.

In the heart of Cappadocia on the site of an ancient monastery in Uchisar village, Argos in Cappadocia has carefully restored the remains of historical dwellings, underground tunnels and caves to give guests not only an unsurpassed place to stay but a unique perspective to view this magical land. The hotel has been voted among the 100 most beautiful in the world.

The Seki Restaurant is one of the best wine restaurants in the world, with terraces overlooking the valley, has now been granted the 2015 Award of Excellence by The Wine Spectator.

And so it should as this restaurant represents Turkish wine and food culture at its best with more than 380 different types of wine in its underground cellar, with hundreds of labels from Turkey as well as wines made from the Argos vineyard and tasting tours can be arranged for guests.


The food is a mix of local and international cuisine with contemporary touch and presentation. The Seki Lounge is a great place to enjoy cocktails and local snacks by the crackling fire on the terrace, taking a breath of fresh air with only the sound of the nightingales, bathing pigeons and hoopoes to disturb you.

Because of the landscape each room and suite at argos in Cappadocia are different as they are built into the landscape. Described as a ‘Cave Hotel’ there are a variety of rooms and suites spread over six different mansions including splendid suites with terraces and private cave pools inside the room. There are 51 rooms, suites and splendid suites.
Most of the rooms and suites have their own fireplace. A special wonder and enchantment of Cappadocia is the Moonlight Walk. Each month a night time walk takes place through the mysterious valleys of Cappadocia, stopping off at a surprising concert in an ancient church.
The most unique venue to hold meetings, events and conferences for up to 200 guests has to be Bezirhane. This ancient monastery church has been transformed into the most sensational meeting space. With two natural domes and perfect acoustics, this room is the most amazing place to hold concerts, exhibitions, social gatherings, weddings, parties and also meetings.

In 2015 argos in Cappadocia received the first of Conde Nast Johansens brand new award for excellence in the category of ‘Best Countryside Hotel’ to add to its many others including; Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Turkey from World Luxury Awards , Europe Hotel Awards ‘Best Hotel’ and ‘Sustainable Hotel’ to International Hotel Awards ‘Best Hotel in Turkey’ among many others.

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For the most amazing experiences the hotel can arrange for: hiking, riding or quad bikes to explore the landscape but what has to be the most wonderful thing to do is to take a hot air balloon ride over the stunning views of the volcanic landscape which is more than 1000 metres above sea level, pierced by tall, thin volcanic spires.

See churches and houses carved into the incredible rock formations as you fly past. Some come to this land simply to tour and some come to savour every moment. Some arrived armed with preconceptions and some with a sense of wonder. Everyone will leave this magical place with a feeling of enrichment, knowing that they have had a truly unforgettable experience.

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