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Denmark is a treasure-trove of eco-friendly experiences and home of the world’s most visionary climate policies, so If you enjoy the benefits of organic food, appreciate a good night’s sleep in an eco-certified hotel and have a soft spot for sustainable transportation like cycling or electric busses, then look no further.

1- Sustainability Part of Danish DNA

Sustainable living and awareness is part of the Danish DNA and the Danes are world leading in organizing sustainable events and thus have some of Scandinavia’s most inspiring green holiday experiences. In fact, already 30 % of the country’s power production comes from wind power, and the aim is to cover all energy supplies with green energy by 2050.
The term “Liveable city” comes into its own in a place like Copenhagen. Urban development has become a symbol of successful city life and over the past two years, Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey has nominated the city as one of the most liveable cities in the world, based on criteria like safety, urban design, public transportation, tolerance and environmental issues.

2- European Green Capital

In 2014, Copenhagen was appointed European Green Capital with the goal of becoming the world’s first CO2 neutral capital by 2025 and with good reason. Intelligent buildings like the award-winning Mountain Dwellings in Ørestad (designed by BIG) combines modern architecture with sustainability, as does the construction of a new incineration plant near Copenhagen including a ski slope.
Sustainable solutions are also top-of-mind in cities like Aarhus, whose development of a ‘Climate park’ makes it possible to tackle extreme rainfall caused by climate changes over the next few years and Viborg, whose sustainable initiatives recently have attracted Apple, who chose to locate their data centre in the Jutlandic city with state-of-the-art facilities that will run on 100 % renewable green energy.

3- Sustainable urban life

The Danes are experts when it comes to getting the most out of city life. While being good at designing their private homes in order to make space for cosy gatherings and enjoyable free time, city dwellers are also aware of bringing outdoor areas alive and using them to the fullest. Thoughtfully and intelligently designed public spaces like parks, waterfronts and squares make it possible to engage in activities like ball games, picnics, swimming and sunbathing, and the bigger cities like Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen ensure that social events like concerts, plays and performances can take place in even the smallest corners of the city.

4- Organic food

The Danes not only care about sustainable living in their physical surroundings Denmark holds the world record when it comes to consuming the largest amount of organic food. Copenhagen especially is a front runner in the industry and the city offers a wide range of green possibilities.

Stay overnight in the many green hotels (the Green Key eco-certified hotels hold an international environmental seal of approval), and wine & dine in one of the many restaurants serving organic food and drinks. Try DØP the organic hot dog stand located by The Round Tower on Købmagergade pedestrian street or new kid on the block, Burger & Bun, in Nørrebro district, where you will find some of the best organic burgers in Copenhagen.

5- Cycling in Denmark

When experiencing the adventures of liveable cities, don’t hesitate to jump on a bicycle available for rent at most hotels a key accessory to the Danish version of sustainable tourism and the easiest way to explore the narrow little streets, the old harbour areas and green public spaces. They’re also handy when going shopping, sightseeing or just getting from A to B. In Copenhagen, 55 % of the population cycles 1,2 million kilometres every day on the over 10.000 km bicycle paths, earning it the deserved title of world’s First Bike City.

Source | Visit Denmark

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