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Custard Factory has always something different to present/introduce to visitors and locals. Whether a music festival or a new indie shop, it’s definitely a place to pop by now and then. A couple of weeks ago, this mecca of cultural events in Digbeth introduced us to another fine business in the area: Provide.

Definitely not just another little shop in the area, I can tell. Provide has a range of products that can attract those interested in pop art in general. It’s a hotspot of creativity and it’s also an engaged shop when the subject is local culture and art.
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First time visiting this shop I couldn’t resist getting some of the books about stickers and graffiti. Just a must if you’re a street art enthusiast. Their other titles available also include books about art and design, philosophy and pop culture in general. Cool magazines such as Dazed and Confused are also another item easily found at Provide.

T-shirts, tote bags and even hot sauces are not less popular in this shop.


The staff is extremely friendly and committed to the events taking place in Digbeth. You should expect to be invited to something cool going on in the area every time you visit Provide and don’t forget to check all their social media activities.

From pinterest to vimeo, they really know how to spread the words about what is interesting in Birmingham.

Published July 19th 2013 here.

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