What I Ate Wednesday | Digbeth Dining Club, Birmingham


I had been postponing my visit to the finest Brum street food experience for so long because the weather- which was a pointless thing because it’s not improving anyway!

But in one of the many freezing Fridays of March, I have just decided to face the element and head myself to Digbeth at least. Best decision ever!

Since its beginning, in August of 2012, Digbeth Dining Club became synonymous of street food revolution in Birmingham.

The idea of putting together several types of menus, every Friday of each month, available to the public hanging around Digbeth is now not just a successful project created by Spotlight owners but also an unmissable weekly event in the calendar of the city.

I’ve tracked down to Birmingham when I knew burgers would be in the menu and I am glad Meat Shack was there to reminds us why hamburgers became so popular in America since 50’s. They’re just what you can call: succulent.


The combination of good food and variety of people presented at Spotlight- where Digbeth Dining Club is held – is the proof the event is a success. It’s a very distinguished audience indeed.

From families gathering to friends and couple ready for whatever the night will bring. Everybody queuing patiently for the same experience: quality street food.

I have asked for the hell shack burger and I have to confess a version less spicy than this one would be more enjoyable. Not because it’s not delicious, but just because my palate was not prepared for an extremely hot one.

They warned me about it ten thousand times at least. Well, lesson learnt for me but if you have guts to go for the hell shack experience, it costs just £5 and it worth every penny spent.

Digbeth Dining Club caters for all kinds of tastes. From Caribbean to Spanish food.

Drinks are all available at the Spot*light and if you’re visiting the venue for the first time but the weather is still unpredictable, I highly recommend grabbing a pint and enjoying the amazing decor and atmosphere inside the place.

Brum is definitely placed in the route of the high standard street food and it’s thanks to them!

Published April 14th 2013 here.


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