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First impressions first: the area around NEC was craving for some improvement a long time ago. The opening of Resorts World last October definitely brought more life to the site. It also brought lots of entertainment with its new bars, restaurants, an 11 screen cinema, international casino, and a boutique hotel.

It’s definitely a successful leisure complex that attracts visitors who are passing by the NEC, The Genting Arena, or even the Birmingham Airport. And Birmingham received the first Resorts World in Europe; a kind of entertainment place very popular in Asia and America.

My first visit to the site was after a couple of days of its opening. Despite most of the shops being still closed, the complex was packed, filled with people looking around the offers of its many outlets, while others were just looking for something to eat and drink or a film to watch.
It’s a fact there is entertainment for all ages and genders at Resorts World and with the help of a brand new international casino, the nightlife is also taking off gradually there.




Cinema: I particularly enjoyed the Cinemax screen, mainly because the screening of Spectre, the new Bond film, was completely empty. Maybe it was just that week, but I believe that It wasn`t packed because people usually choose the city centre screens for their easy access. And for me, it would make this Cinemax my new local cinema, as it is devoid of big queues.


Outlets: Christmas is coming and I had a good look at the outlets of Nike, GAP, Next, New Balance, and H&M and I was not disappointed. The prices were really inviting and with a bit of luck, you can find bargains for the whole family. And kids will surely be excited about the Legowear. All outlets definitely deserve a visit.

Considering the number of people around that day, the service was also quick and I managed to spend more time window shopping than I planned.

Food & drinks: There are really good options for eating and drinking at Resorts World, but I confess that was a bit curious about the The Worlds Bar.

The place offers 40 different types of crafters (and one of them was my favourite stout, the Icelandic Einstok). The menu is fun as well with some nibbles and beer food that really deserves a try.

The Big Apple hot dog got my eyes and pocket because it was too cheap to be true. Pizza Express, Las Iguanas, Robata Bar & Grill, Sports Bar among others are also options to eat and drink there. And the sophisticated Sky Bar is certainly one of the highlights of Resorts World.


Geting Casino: That is an excellent option to start (or finish) your night out. It is a spacious place with every feature that a worldwide casino should have. The roulettes and machines seemed very attractive if you know how to bet on them.


Adding to this, the Sports Bar is also a perfect spot for those interested in watching sports events while drinking some cocktails.

The Resorts World has easy access by train, bus, or plane ( if you just arrived or are leaving Birmingham through its local airport).

Published December 1st, 2015  here.

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