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Not just an iconic symbol or a masterpiece of Victorian engeneering, Clifton Suspension Bridge is a delightful site in Bristol. And it has to be visited on foot. From bottom to the top or vice versa.

I like my bridges and this one is just stunning to say the least.

When I have visited Bristol for the first time, I was curious how the view would be from Clifton Bridge . And I was really surprised with the magnificence of this construction.


Designed in the early 19th century for light horse drawn traffic, it still meets the demands of 21st century commuter with 11-12,000 vehicles crossing it every day.

Celebrating in 2015 its 151th anniversary, this Grade I listed piece of archictecture is in the list of One of the World’s Great bridges. I don1t wonder why. It is simply beautiful.


Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed the bridge that is since then a postcard of Bristol. Unfortunately, Brunel died in 1859, before seeing his masterpiece finished.

But his legacy can be  visited not not just enjoy the view from its top, but also to have a relaxing moment in the green area around it at the Clifton Village itself. Or they can even visit the observatory at St. Vincent’s cave, where there another splendid view from the bridge.   


A perfect spot for cyclists, pedestrians, or who is  passing by car. If you like archictecture and the history of this country, Clifton Suspension bridge has to be in your bucket list.

Sources | Visit Bristol and Wikipedia.

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  1. And you can get amazing views whilst enjoying afternoon tea at the Avon gorge hotel. We went yesterday for a festive afternoon tea afternoon and it was lush!

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