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I have to say I was a bit hesitant about this place because the size of it. I love independent cafes but I am not a petite lady, so I need some space to sit and enjoy my coffee. From the outside Yorks Espresso looks tiny, but inside it’s quite spacious. And yes, I am quite happy to the idea of having seats upstairs.

The service is the same found at NewHall Street: very personal, friendly and helpful. ( Not just because I needed help to handle a mug of hot chocolate and a croissant to the mezzanine area upstairs).

I am sure Colmore Row is about to turn into the nicest area for having a coffee in town with so many good options around. And Yorks is doing his job very well. I loved the place. And I could spend more time there reading, working or even looking at the movement outside in that always busy area.

The hot chocolate is one of  the main reason to go back soon. It was delicious. Perfect for a cold day. I will probably use the advantage of that it’s located in an area that is part of my daily work route.

The decor is almost like the “big” Yorks but with no toilets. Very cosy. I am a huge fan of the wooden pattern and blackboard signs I think it adds “personality” to the place.

Just in case they decide to have a new one branch somewhere else in town, you will recognise the place looking from outside, for sure.

Prices are reasonable at Yorks. But it’s another independent café that praises for quality and  you pay for what you get: the whole package of excellent coffee and outstanding service. And the croissant is delicious, of course.

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