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Last month, I visited a Sutaco shop in the building of Imprensa Oficial in Sao Paulo during my holidays in Brazil. It’s definitely places to go if you think about treating someone with gifts from Brazil or if you want to understand more about handcrafting made in Brazil.

Currently, Sutaco maintains two fixed points of sale ( check here  for more information) and participates in numerous events where the public can obtain representative pieces of handicrafts produced in the state of São Paulo for very affordable prices.

This is a way to spread the Paulista crafts, support regional development and promote income generation for the craftsman. Sutaco also offers lectures, workshops and courses for artisans and people who are interested in starting to make crafts. Besides, information for those who think about exporting their products. (Check here for more information)

The pieces available in Sutacos spread all over the state of São Paulo are made of several materials in different techniques. From fibers to clay. Every piece has a bit of Brazilian handcrafting culture to be known.

I have bought a peteca (photo) there. For those who never heard about this object,

Peteca is a traditional sport in Brazil, played with a “hand shuttlecock” from indigenous origins and reputed to be as old as the country itself. The same name is given to the shuttlecock-object itself.

Peteca ( the game)  is played with a peteca. The object in the photo above. Maybe not a choice of game for most of Brazilian kids nowadays but itcertainly brings me good memoried from my childhood.

For more information about Sutaco:

Facebook | Sutaco

Sources | Sutaco and Wikipedia


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