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As legitimate Brazilian specie, I’m powered by coffee. And obviously that I appreciate everything related to this indispensable drink.

I just didn’t know I had SO MUCH to learn about coffee in life yet.

Luckily, there are people like the Faculty crew that understand about the product and selected the best (and worst) example of beans to present to us.

Well, first things first. Faculty is a charming Coffe shop in town located in the Piccadilly Palace Arcade, next to the main entrance of New Street Station.


I love the minimalism decor in the place.

From outside, you see a couple of tables – even an old school school table – as well as the display with lovely cakes and sandwiches and obviously, their amazing coffee and tea selection.

And my plans to visit Faculty for the first time, became an interesting  evening that pretty much summarised all my respect for a good coffee.


Actually, it summarised the difference between great beans (carefully selected beans coming from countries and farms that really care about their product like Red Brick and Reko) and rubbish beans (Starbucks kind of stuff you like just because there is your name in the cup and it’s hype and convenient. Yeah right…).

Okay, it was a bit harsh of me. But sorry Starbucks, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You have your demand but the independent cafés are also here for a reason and I appreciate them all.


Anyway, it was fabulous to see how Faculty guys explained, step by step, all the procedures of their way of coffee preparation.

It’s all precise, in numbers and time. Fascinating! It’s also a proof that coffee passion is taken serious around the world and in this cosy Coffee Shop placed in the city centre of Brum.

And still amazes me that with 19 gram of coffee you have a neat espresso. Did you know it?

Well, feel free to visit Faculty soon and find out more about it. They are experts in the art of preparing tea and coffee and their latte is another good reason to stop by more and more times.

Published on May 2014 on Yelp.

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