A night with wolves in Norway


Photo | The Polar Park

Forget about dancing with wolves, at Polar Park in Northern Norway it is all about spending the night with them.

In December the first guests spent the night in a cabin located inside a wolf enclosure, spending the evening in front of the fireplace before stepping out for a wolf kiss the following morning.

The WolfLodge consists of six bedrooms for up to 12 people, where visitors will have dinner and be told wolf tales by the local guide while the curious wolves watch from outside. The following morning they will meet the wolves face to face.


Share a kiss – The park has long offered visitors the chance to ‘Kiss a wolf’, where visitors are taken into an enclosure of socialised wolves.

After clear instructions by the guide on where to put hands; how to walk; and general behavior, visitors are greeted with a lick on the face, or what we like to call a kiss out of the ordinary. Legend has it the wolves once noticed a visitor was pregnant before she herself had broken the news, due to their great intuition.


Photo | Roger Johansen


The park is the northern most wildlife park in the world, with bears, muskox, lynx and the king of the forest – the moose.

In addition to the opportunity to cuddle polar foxes and being kissed by a wolf, visitors can take part in guided nature photography tours and take a zip-line across the park.

Polar Park is located in Bardu, between Narvik and Tromsø in Northern Norway. Fly into Tromsø with Norwegian Air, two direct flights from London Gatwick per week. From Tromsø you can either rent a car or take the bus towards Narvik.

Price: WolfLodge package approx. £450 per person, price dependent on numbers per booking. Incl. accommodation; dinner and snacks; guide; meeting the wolves


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