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How often do you find yourself struggling to find a good movie to watch ? I confess it’s a bit of frustrating when you are indecisive and/or need some inspiration.

The fact is most of the streaming services have its own recommendation systems but sometimes it is not what you want yet. Itcher is a new entertainment  app based in London with over 3.7 million titles to explore and 20k new users in January 2016. Impressive!

Itcher makes the idea of “browsing for something to watch/read/ listen to or play” a less painful and much quicker experience.

The app provides personalised suggestions on films, books, music and games.

Its co-founder, Daniel Rovira, is a Swedish-born that spent six years advising tech, media and telecom companies before becoming an internet entrepreneur in 2008.  As a fan of independent cinema, Daniel recognised that there wasn`t really any dedicated place to discover new films and hidden gems.


How does it work? All you need to do is starting to rate the titles you already watched (and like or dislike) and then a lot of recommendations will pop up on screen according to your taste. It’s necessary to rate five titles at least before starting to get your suggestions.

You can also follow the users with similar tastes and interests and then be part of this interesting growing community. It sounds fun and it is also a free download app. So, there is no harm in trying it.

Our experience:  It really saves time when you are looking for information about the specific film you want to watch or that new book that you fancy reading. And of course, it there is plenty information about them such as trailers, cast info, similar titles and of course, reviews.

My first reviews done were about games and to be honest, it worked for me.  I am not a gamer but the app was very accurate showing lots of third-person kind of games on my list of recommendations. That is what I like playing. And it is an excellent way of finding new titles I’d like to play next.

It had the same accurate result with music. I will definitely keep using it. Great find!

Rate: 4.0

To find out more about Itcher, please visit:

Web |

IOS app | App store

Android app| Google play

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