A day out in St. Ives | Cornwall

A day out in St. Ives _ Cornwall

If there is something we look forward to during the winter, it’s certainly related to planning our summer holidays. It’s all about getting a bit of a tan in a place distant from home. And if you’re lucky, this place will be by the sea.

In Britain, we head to the south in Summer for a simple reason: the sunshine lives there. Precisely in Cornwall. And St. Ives was one particular town that always caught my eyes.

The idea was to spend time in one of the top 10 best beach destinations chosen by Trip Advisors as well as contemplate art galleries and put your feet in the sands of the ideal summertime spot.
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But to stay in St.Ives is not an easy (or cheap) option when we know it’s also known as a very popular holiday resort for families. It could be translated as packed. In any sense. So, forget it. Just spend one single day enjoying what this seaside town has to offer. So I did.

Take the Train: My accommodation in Cornwall was some miles away still in the southwest, in Parranuthnoe, but it didn’t stop me to get the train from Lelant Saltings to St.Ives. It saves you money and time when you leave your car park in that train station than in St.Ives itself.

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And the journey? Oh wow, the journey is fantastic. Only 10 minutes of pure enjoyment. It`s part of the great scenic railway journeys in the UK. Enough said.

Walking in Town

As I could expect, the city was really busy. Cars, children, deck chairs, dogs, and everything else you can imagine people take to their holidays. It was a bit annoying in the beginning to walk through its streets with so many people around.

At the same time, the buzz is also a joy when you realise that people just love being there shopping, eating Cornish pastry, or simply admiring its medieval fishing town features. So, walk as much as you can and find out the history of St.Ives in its narrow historic streets.

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Fish & Fish

One of my pet hates is leaving a new place visited without trying their local bars or restaurants. In St.Ives, we had plenty of choices for eating and drinking.

But it was also a nightmare to get a table at those establishments if you don’t have a proper look around first. So, if you are visiting the town for a single day, like me, go for the local takeaway businesses. Or simply get some sweets and snacks from the local shops. It is not a sin!

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Especially if you realise that St.Ives was the most important fishing port on the north coast during the medieval period. Fish & Chip it’s! But fight for a free bench, if necessary, to enjoy the beauty and breeze of the harbour beach. It’s stunning!

Art Fixing

St.Ives is a melting pot for artists. Well, they have their own Tate and I can’t think of a better way to see the town as the perfect spot to inspire new talent and creative people. So you probably will find an art gallery on every corner of St.Ives.

Or better, you are going to find a piece of art in every part of the town. Make the most of it and bring something unique back home. From jewellery to pottery. They are all there to be appreciated.

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Or better, you are going to find a piece of art in every part of the town. Make the most of it and bring something unique back home. From jewellery to pottery. They are all there to be appreciated.

Coastwatching: Located high on extremely of the island, it not just provides important information about the weather and sea conditions to mariners, fishermen, and visitors, but the National Coastwatch Institution give us one of the most beautiful views of the town and the coast.

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Take Off your Shoes

… and enjoy the sand and the beach itself. St.Ives has four stunning ones to be picked and contemplate the beauty of this seaside town.
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I have chosen Porthmoer beach to put my feet in the sand not just because it was the quieter (belief or not) one that day, but also because it’s a stunning spot.

The beach faces the Atlantic ocean and it’s a gorgeous way of finishing the visit to St.Ives. Serenity and beauty. There is nothing wrong with these two put together.

Published February 18th 2016 here.
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  1. My family visit Cornwall every year in the summertime. It’s possibly one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever been too. I really love your pictures 🙂 They make me want to visit there again soon! Nice blog post! 🙂

  2. Hello Hannah, I do the same! Every year I go to some part of Cornwall and I can’t get enough of it. I will probably write more about the places I have been to there. So, stay tuned! Thanks for your lovely comment. :O)

  3. I’m really fond of St Ives but I can’t do it in the summer! Gorgeous beaches and lovely nooks and crannies in town. Bastard seagulls though…

  4. I confess I would prefer visiting in other season too, Merryn. But i guess it doesn’tt matter the weather, the annoying seagulls will still be there lol

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