What I Ate Wednesday | Leon at New Street Station, Birmingham


The idea of bringing the “naturally fast food” concept of Leon to Birmingham was pretty well accepted by me. I am not a fast food enthusiast, but a healthy meal to take away is something to consider. Leon does the job well. Very well.

I have paid some visits to the Birmingham branch since it opened last year at the New Street Station. It help that this restaurant is placed right in front of the usual platform where I take the train back home. Oh yes, your commute need never be boring again.

Leon has 33 restaurants spread all over London and some of them are placed in East and West Midlands too. All of them have the same mission: make fast food with quality.

The fact is, Leon offers an amazing variety of tasty food. It actually tastes like homemade food with flavours that you would expect from a fine restaurant. And I guess that is enough reason to keep coming back for more; again and again.

Take away: I always go for the boxes. The promise of having a really nice super food on the way home has led me to try most of its “inspired in Mediterranean cooking” menu.


Moroccan meatballs, Sweet Potato Falafel, Chicken with Tarragon (chicken with everything, actually) and whatever else comes in those (Pandora) boxes. Everything is absolutely delicious, well seasoned, warm and really good value for money. They usually cost between £5 and £7.

I know some people would think Leon is a bit pricier than other fast food chains around. But there is no comparison in the quality of food you are paying for.

Eating in: Last time I went to Leon, I decided to eat in the place. My choice was a Chargrilled Chicken & Chorizo Club Wrap and Leon-made lemonade – another winning combination.


Of course, eating in a busy train station like New Street can be a bit tricky. One of the pros in this case is the speed of service. From your order to delivery it is not going to take more than ten minutes of your life waiting. The problem is finding an available table.

To be honest, Leon is usually a good place to find a table. But if there is a bit of queue or lack of space to eat inside the restaurant, remember it is a good sign. It’s definitely proof this business is doing well in Birmingham too.

 Published February 28th 2016 here.
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