What I Ate Wednesday| Vegetarian Eats in Birmingham

(Without necessary being in a vegetarian restaurant)
I thought that my “indefinite period” as a non-meat eater would bring me some annoying challenges such as finding “the suitable for vegetarian” places to eat, for example. Even if I don`t usually make a big fuzz of it, it would be nice as well to demystify the idea that we have to accept veggie meals as a bland or plain food.

With a range of local food farmers around Midlands, most of the food establishments here can have quality and fresh ingredients at their door steps.

So why not giving a bit of twist to the salad? We don’t want meat sometimes – but we definitely go gourmet!

In my hunting for the best veggie meals, I have found plenty of great places to eat a more than just a decent salad in Birmingham.

These meals are available in restaurants that are not necessarily vegetarian ones. And yes, it’s a way to proof that these places can also cater for vegetarian and vegans (like a boss!) offering tasty and well-presented food.

To start with, if you think about a full vegetarian experience, I would recommend heading down to Digbeth.

The Warehouse Café: Healthy food is a big deal for them or like they advertise themselves: “the greenest restaurant in the Midlands“.

It’s a very cozy two-storey restaurant, which is very close to the city centre.
I like the variety and diversity of Warehouse’s café menu and if you’re interesting in learning more about tea and other organic and fair-trade products, it’s the place to go.

Le Truc: French, eclectic, trendy and with some great menu items for those who are not just interested in meat at all. (Unfortunately Le Truchas closed its doors this year)

And because Le Truc always has two courses for a special price kind of deal, it’s almost impossible to resist their cuisine. It’s all about quality food, nice service and some great drinks to enjoy anytime as well.


Pure Bar & Kitchen: Yes, you probably have a big flashing question mark in your head now. It’s understandable!

I know Pure Bar & Kitchen is a bar with some of most delicious non-vegetarian at all snacks but it’s also serves a delicious baked courgette & roasted red pepper omelette. And what about a brewers grain risotto? How got it, approved it!

Turtle Bay: This Caribbean eatery has a very hot menu but you can find always space for some tropical salads and this Goat cheese, aubergine & butternut salad with Trini chickpeas.
Bistro 1847: As a legitimate vegetarian one, this beautiful bistro is placed in the most charming Arcade of Birmingham: the Great Western. And it’s a place I recommended to visit for a proper full course lunch or dinner experience.
Unfortunately, I was there just to treat myself with a nice snack, but I can’t wait to pay another visit soon to this modern vegetarian one. And yes, I am quite intrigued by the Gary Lineker’s style tempura.
Published August 3rd 2014 here.
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