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It’s nearly three years since I have swap Heathrow for Birmingham Airport as my travelling option to go to Brazil. Not just for logistics point of view but also because the flight with connections are cheaper and much more conventional nowadays.

There is no direct flight to Brazil departing from Birmingham airport yet. However, the connections available (that include Portugal, France, Spain, Germany and Holland) has proof its popularity among the years. At least for those located in the West Midlands and further north England.

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I have chosen Holland as a main connection for nearly three years now. No regrets. Just good points about it. One of the key points of this option is passing by the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol currently offers direct connections to a total of 323 international destinations. Schiphol Group facilitates these connections in conjuncture with almost 100 airline companies.

Why Schiphol?  If we consider traffic issues and transport delays, going from Birmingham Airport to Schiphol is way too much practical for me. I actually would risk saying I could spend more time to get to London than Amsterdam nowadays.

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So, Schiphol 1 – 0 Heathrow.

The Schiphol airport is the fifth busiest in the Europe in terms of passengers and it is the hub for KLM, the airline with excellent flight options from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Tickets can be very cheap if bought in advance.

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Schiphol uses a one-terminal concept, where all facilities are located under a single roof, radiating from the central plaza. The terminal, though, is divided into three sections or halls designated 1, 2 and 3. To all of these halls, piers or concourses are connected.

 However, it is possible, on both sides of security or border inspection, to walk from between piers, even those connected to different halls.

Schiphol Airport has approximately 165 boarding gates.

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I have to say that first impression about this airport was I would get lost as soon as I landed there. It’s a huge airport. But I am glad to say, I was totally wrong about it. It’s really easy to navigate through it. There are signs in English everywhere and you find your departure gates quite easy as well. In a worse case scenario, there are plenty of people to ask for information about gates, anyway.

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Your connection gates are usually next to your arrival gate. But don’t get me wrong, next to still means some minutes walking along a huge corridor from terminal to terminal. So, hurry up, people, in case of delayed flights.

Here it’s a map with countries where you can fly from Schiphol Airport:  flight explorer

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