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One more successful accommodation found on Airbnb, Paulista Wall Street was the perfect spot to be during the days we spent in Sao Paulo last year.

The criteria to find this place was dead simple: next to Paulista Avenue, cheap and with an awesome view of Sao Paulo’s skyline. Not asking too much, I know.

But I am not going to lie, we were lucky. As soon as I step at Itapeva Street at Bela Vista where it is located, I knew we made a good decision choosing a place only five minutes far from the Trianon – Masp underground station. An easy gateway to all locations we wanted to visit in the city.

The apartment itself is delightful. The view from its balcony (on the 17th floor) was just what I needed to start my days in Sao Paulo. It was November last year and the city was burning. From that high up we just had a breeze that is pretty much welcomed at Sao Paulo in the beginning of its summertime.

 The facilities really fulfilled my expectations. The bathtub (more like a Jacuzzi) and the air-con in the room was just a bonus after some busy and hot days we had ahead. The apartment is very spacious and its traditional décor didn’t bother me at all.

The bed was tremendously comfy. I wish I had more photos of the apartment itself. But you can get a gist of it, here.

There is an apart-hotel feel inside it. And that is good. It works for business people, or couple like us, that wanted to stay in a place where we can also cook our food or walk nearby to enjoy some of the best restaurants and cafes in town.

This apartment was practical. And even in a busy city like Sao Paulo, the noise around wasn’t a problem for us. There was a huge refurbishment going on at the old Hospital Matarazzo in front of the building. It would be a bit annoying if you live around, but it is okay for some days. And it is what we expect from Sao Paulo. Noise.

Brazil Nove 2015 (48).JPG

We didn’t eat in the restaurant placed on the ground floor of the building but I heard good things about the food and service there. However,  the room service was spot on and the menu options were really good. I had no complaints about my pineapple caipirinha.

Overall, Paulista Wall Street is ideal for those thinking about staying in an area of Sao Paulo surrounded by interesting attractions such as Masp, Ibirapuera Park, the brand new Cidade de Sao Paulo Shopping Centre and many bars, cafes and restaurants around Paulista Avenue.

Not to mention that taxis and the underground station are just about five minutes walking from there. And if you are driving, there is a place in the garage sorted in the building. Or it is not that difficult to find parking space around anyway.

Brazil Nove 2015 (288)

I made the most of the Trianon Masp subway station line in Paulista Avenue because it is the easiest ( and cheapest) way to go to Vila Madalena and Pinheiros, where the best bars and restaurants are placed.

And I also recommend you have some time visiting the 26th floor of the building where you can enjoy a swimming pool, sauna and gym. It’s also the perfect spot to enjoy the skyline view in Sao Paulo. Just amazing.

There are many things and places to explore 24/7 in Sao Paulo and it is important to save some time. This apartment is just what you looking for to make the most of it.

Brazil Nove 2015 (361)

Brazil Nove 2015 (320)

Brazil Nove 2015 (356)

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