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Welcome to The Tamar Bridge, a respectful construction also responsible for carrying the traffic between Devon and Cornwall.

Back to its opening in 1961, it was considered the longest suspension bridge in The UK. And also the first major one to be constructed after the Second World War.


The Tamar Bridge was formally opened by the Queen Mother on 26th April 1962 in a grand ceremony involving a fly-past and two naval frigates.


The River Tamar is the major barrier between Plymouth and South East Cornwall. It is possible to cross the river by the Torpoint ferry as well. This mean of transportation is the busiest crossing ferry in The UK.

The Bridge is now carrying over 16 million vehicles a year – over ten times that carried in the early years, and on a busy weekday over 50,000 vehicles use the crossing.

tamar capa

Studies made by Tamar Crossings reveals a plan for a construction of what would be “the new Tamar Bridge” for medium to long-term in an investment estimated in £300 million.


The map below shows the possible location the new bridge would be built.


Crossing the Tamar Bridge:

Source | Wikipedia and Tamar Crossings

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