Meet the Business # 12: Peteca Nordic

The summer is nearly arriving in Europe, which means starting to program our bodies (and minds) to enjoy as many outside activities as possible. Together with it, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro makes 2016 much more sportive.

Thinking about it, the Scandinavian independent business Peteca Nordic , based in Norway, decided to bring to Europe a Brazilian product that can be very popular for sports activities in the summer.

Peteca is a hand shuttlecock that has been created by indigenous people hundred years go and became a popular toy for many generations in the country.

Nowadays, there are peteca tournaments and completions around the world. But the real fun is bringing family and friends to a park nearby to try it on.

Besides, Peteca Nordic is also providing amazing social work behind its business. For each peteca sold by them, 10 kroner are sent to support FIAN’s work for a fair distribution of land for indigenous people in Brazil.


MT: To start with, I’d like to know a bit more about your business background.

Thore Anton Bredeveien: I started this small business as a hobby project two years ago and I have no formal business background or education. I have a permanent position in a state department, which has no link to peteca at all 🙂

MT: How and when did you come up with the idea for your business?

Thore Anton Bredeveien: Three years ago I was searching to find petecas. I wanted to buy a few as gifts. It was not easy finding them and I started wondering how come no one was offering petecas specifically to the Scandinavian market.

MT: Why did you choose petecas?

Thore Anton Bredeveien: Norwegians are crazy about outdoor activities, especially during summer. I find peteca to be a really cool product in this regard, ever since I discovered peteca during a stay in Brazil 15-16 years ago.


MT: Are your products exclusive from Brazil?

Thore Anton Bredeveien: Yes, I import petecas from Brazil only. The manufacturer is running some social activities in the local area where they operate, which I find very positive and important.

In addition to this, the excellent quality of the petecas and the reliability of the producer has been of great value to me.

MT: What are the biggest challenge of keeping a business like yours?

Thore Anton Bredeveien: There are no real challenges, except explain people who have never seen a peteca what it is and how to use it, which is just a pleasure 🙂


MT: What do people in Europe think about the petecas?

Thore Anton Bredeveien: People find the petecas exciting both to look at and to play. It is a colourful and fun product, which is a socializing and great workout for people of all ages.

MT: What is your type of clientele?

Thore Anton Bredeveien: According to the order history of it appears that most customers are female, but besides that, I don`t really know.

MT: What is unique about your product?

Thore Anton Bredeveien: It is so purely and originally Brazilian. Its history goes way back and it has evolved into a sport with formal rules and competitions in addition to being an informal product everyone can have fun with.

peteca 4

 MT: How is e-commerce important to the success of your business?

Thore Anton Bredeveien: is made for e-commerce but it also works as a promotional site for peteca in Scandinavia.

In addition, I also run´s Facebook page and an Instagram account. I am happy to bring information about the joy of peteca to people in Scandinavia.

 MT: Do you export or thinking about exporting your products?

Thore Anton Bredeveien: My webshop has sites in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, so it works for,, and But currently, I have no plans of expanding.

MT: What are your other projects and plans this year?

 Thore Anton Bredeveien:  This year the Olympics in Rio will provide a great opportunity to promote Brazilian products, and hopefully, peteca will be part of this. I also have a few other plans which I hope will materialize when summer arrives here up north! 🙂

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