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By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be on my way to Dubrovnik, in Croatia, as a guest in the Villa Dubrovnik. The invitation to stay in this award winning boutique hotel is a unique opportunity to step in history in one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

And I’ll try to post as much as possible about this amazing experience during my three days of staying there.

 The hotel has 56 luxurious sea-view residences decorated with wooden and stones elements, lending the interiors of this five-star property a war, yet modern atmosphere. A paradise with overlook to the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic, the island of Lokrum and the old city.

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Villa Dubrovnik is a dreamy accommodation and I can’t wait to step in history with style in Croatia.

As a warm up, I have picked some of the most interesting things to do in Dubrovnik itself.  I love maps and travel guides but I decided to go paperless to Croatia and gave the city guide apps a go, downloading – city travel guides. The great advantage of this app is downloading the guide offline for free. I quite like it already.

I have no idea about what will be my itinerary there, but I leave a mini- guide to what to what is essential to do and see in Dubrovnik.

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1-   City Walls: By far the main attraction in the city. A construction dated back to the 8th century and still well-preserved. The views from the three access points over the Adriatic Sea seems to be magnificent. It is a paid attraction that costs 100 kn. Don’t forget a snack because there is a lot to see and you may need some water and food during the visit. Very popular between the Game of Thrones fans as well.

2-   Assumption Cathedral: The cathedral was built on the site of several former cathedrals, including 7th, 10th and 11th century buildings, and their 12th century successor in the Romanesque style. After so many refurbishing, it’s still one of the most visited attractions in the city.

 3-   Gate Pile: It used to be the western entrance to the old town. And it is located where a former fortress already existed in 972 and was demolished in 1818. Another Game of Thrones location that can’t be missed.

 4-   The Old Port: I love ports and there is nothing most scenic than an old port with its marina, cruise vessels and crystal blue waters. That will be a site to be over photographed, I guess.

 5-   Stradun: A well-known spot, this street divides the southern and northern parts of the city. It is estimated to be about 500 years old. Can you imagine a better place to walk around in history? Million people have been to Stradun before to the point the street looks polished. Amazing!

6-   Copacabana Beach: It’s not the famous beach in Rio de Janeiro’s, I guess. But as stunning as the one in Brazil, I presume. I may not have time to visit it, but it is good to know there is something about Brazil to remember from Dubrovnik!

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