Day 1: Meeting (Villa) Dubrovnik


First day here and I am honestly pleased with everything. Good food, nice people and superb views. You have to heart Dubrovnik!

Flight: But first things first. My trip started in London, when we took the flight to Dubrovnik via Gatwick. It takes only 2h30 to arrive in Dubrovnik.

I can easily fly from Birmingham as well. But staying in Gatwick the night before helped me a lot. Not just because it saved me time ( it is a long journey from Birmingham to London specially on Fridays) but also helped me to have a good night of sleep before flying.

The flight was very smooth. Straight forward. And it takes around 25 minutes (ish) from the airport in Dubrovnik to the Villa Dubrovnik hotel, where I am staying.


 Villa Dubrovnik hotel: After having a quick look around the facilities, I went straight to my apartment. And I have to say it is one of the most beautiful accommodations I have been to. The use of space is really clever and the service is superb.  In other words, shower with view to Adriatic Sea and fresh fruit in the room as special treat were just a bonus.

The lunch time at the exclusive restaurant Pjerin was also superb. Food with an outstanding view. And of course, you should expect to have a food review of the whole experience here soon.


I pretty much enjoying the Croatian selection of fine wines. And I definitely need to learn more about it.

Right after the lunch I was back to my room for a bit of spare time. As I am staying in the fourth floor, I have to say the view from here is just amazing. Unique indeed.


It’s impossible not to feel relaxed with the sound of the sea coming right from your balcony. It’s addictive. Actually, I made the most of this balcony already having my sunshine-fixing in the afternoon. If you live in The UK, you know what I mean. Vitamin D, we need it there what you can find in Dubrovnik.


It is quite interesting to see the boats passing by and I still have some stunning view from the Old town on my right. And right in front of me, the magnificent island of Lokrum, which I also visited (but I am just going to talk about on my second post). Bear with me.


The end of afternoon was a good moment to have chat with some staff before the dinner and it was great to find out the one of them actually would love to visit Brazil. And I am glad there is caipirinha in the cocktail menu. Yes, our most famous Brazilian drink is also represented in Croatia.


Sightseeing & Dinner time: We headed to the old town to have a bit of sightseeing (and shopping, why not?).

I already spotted many of the landmarks that I have put on my list of places to see here, but to be honest, it will be easier to explain when I talk about the tour guide that was planned to be done in this trip too.



I really need to go through all my photos to check it out better. And, of course, a lot of Game of Thrones locations was be checked today. Kingslanding, done!



And wow, what to say about Stradun? It is gorgeous and well and really “polished”, like they say. It is like walking smoothly in history.

But because Dubrovnik is so bubbling, it is more like walking in a babel sometimes. There are people from everywhere here and it means: good vibes everywhere.

The dinner at restaurant Dubrovnik was really nice indeed. Some review about it to come soon.

There was also a quick stop in a nice bar where jazz is the soundtrack. And then I called it a night because Day 2 in Dubrovnik was promised to be epic and hectic. So, wait and see!

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  1. I totally fell in love with Dubrovnik when I visited last month 😍 Wish you happy travels 👍

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