Visiting the Coffee Museum| Santos -Brazil

Is there any better smell than a fresh coffee prepared first thing in the morning?

As a Brazilian who is very proud of the quality of our product, it’s a bit suspicious to say that every coffeeholic like me should pay a visit the Coffee Museum in Santos, Sao Paulo.

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The Coffee Museum is located at the Bolsa Oficial do Café (Brazilian Coffee Stock Exchange), which is one of the most iconic buildings in the city centre of Santos.

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This is certainly the perfect site for preserving and presenting to the public the fascinating history of Brazilian coffee.

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The Brazilian Coffee Stock Exchange was built in 1922 and its construction was exclusively used to deal with all issues related to exporting of coffee.

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Its impressive architectonic features with sculptures and huge stained glasses represents the period when coffee has a fundamental importance to the (high) society and economy of Brazil.

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Especially when Santos held the major coffee negotiation that period, and every country in the world just wanted to trade the product through The Brazilian Coffee Stock Exchange rules.

Besides,  the largest port in Latin America is also located in Santos.

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The place closed for business in 1986, but only in 1998 Coffee Museum was opened to the public.

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The site has kept an outstanding archive to understand the route of coffee in Brazil which is linked with the development of the country itself.

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From the first coffee seedlings to the work done by the Japanese and European immigrants in Brazil and the development of the Port of Santos.

There is no doubt about coffee being a big player in the economy of the country. Brazil is actually the world’s largest producer and exporter of the product.

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Not just the history but also the taste of Brazilian authentic coffee can be tried at this fantastic museum. And the varied of grains and the smell of fresh espresso will lead you there.

Just for curiosity: it’s possible to find Jacu Bird coffee the most expensive and rare Brazilian coffee produced. A unique opportunity to showing off, for sure.

But don’t forget to taste sweets and cakes from this beautiful cafeteria and treat that coffee enthusiast friend with a nice souvenir. They will be happy and also jealous of such an amazing experience!

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Barista courses are also offered at the place. It’s a good excuse anyway to come back home with all knowledge you need to talk about Brazilian coffee wherever you go.

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