Tilt – craft beers, pinball and fine coffee


Birmingham has been invaded by plenty of great independent bars and cafes, giving us no excuse (at all) to not popping around to be surprised by them. Tilt is one of those places.

When I first heard about this hidden gem, I was quite intrigued not just about the place itself but also with very suggestive name. As soon as you visit it the suggestive name of Tilt makes all sense.


Gamers will understand it better.

Now that I have been several times there, I can honestly it’s one of my favourite places in town to pop for a coffee or a beer after work.


But I’m not talking about average coffee or bog-standard beer.  I’m talking about a fine selection of crafted ones that include some beauties made by Mondo Brewing, Kernel Brewery, Thornbridge, Brew by Numbers, NMBco, Arbor Ales and etc.

And this is just a small appetizing list because there are plenty more to choose from drought, bottled and canned ones.

What about the coffee? I confess that coffee (and cakes) were what brought me first to Tilt.


The art of making an Italian espresso is to be admired. There is something extra special about the smell of a quality and fresh coffee being prepared. It’s all about that anticipation for what comes next: to knock it down in a very “espresso” way.

Tilt is a good place for practicing it. Just have a look at their board to pick your favourite one. You can bring some of those cofee back home as well, if you fancy it. I just got my

And cakes are a really good companion while you wait for a perfect brew.


Amazing cakes made by local bakery Bake Birmingham like the lemon blueberry bundt (picture above) that I was my choice of the day at Tilt.

But not everything there is about coffee. They do tea and wine as well. And I guess the selection is quite special as well.


And if you wonder the pinball machines fit with the whole atmosphere at Tilt. Yes, it does. The electronic ones featured in early 70’s are still quite popular in many coffees and bars around the world.


I always thought they are a great for relaxing after a bad day at work or even a good way to break the ice in a first date or of course, perfect for a nice banter with a friend while drinking a beer (or two). And let’s be honest, it’s a much more entertaining screen to spot that your mobile phone one.

At Tilt, you can choose from Star Trek to Game of Thrones. Great!


I would say that Tilt found is pretty much the recipe of success that makes Tilt quite popular. It’s actually perfect to freelancers around that needs a tranquil space to do some work.


So, do you know where it is located? Tilt is placed in a beautiful Graded II Listed building in the City Arcade. And it’s so great to see that amazing space fulfilled with one more great independent business in town to engage the community and persuade them to have nice time choosing high quality products.

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