Jamaica Inn – Cornwall


The Jamaica Inn is located in one of the most fascinating regions of the country in the remote Bodmin Moor. And if it wasn’t Cornwall`s most famous smugglers inn, it would not be an easy site to be found.

Built in 1750, the Jamaica Inn served as accommodation for travellers and smugglers passing by the region that time.


As a coaching inn, this pub was certainly a welcoming stay for those trying to cross the wild moor. And obviously, a perfect spot to smugglers that in the way to Plymouth or Bristol used the place to hide their contraband.

Actually the name of the pub came from the fact it was very common to find stored rum from Jamaica in the place. All illegal, of course.


Visiting Jamaica Inn is like time travelling to an important time at Cornish`s history. But it can be also being a terrifying experience, if you fancy so.

Supernatural phenomena reports put this pub in the map of most haunted places around the UK. In addition, this pub was the inspiration for the novel by English writer Daphne Du Maurier.


There are so many more history to be explored at Jamaica Inn that it would be a wonderful to stay one night in this famous inn. I`m sure mind would play some tricky games during the night. Why not?

As a famous (but typical) English Inn, you can eat and drink without necessary spending a lot there. The prices are reasonably cheap. The menu is as traditional as the pub itself. But you still can go for Cornish pasty or fish n ‘chips. And it won`t be disappointing.

For the fans of a good local cider, don’t miss the chance to ask for a pint of Rattler, which is manufactured in Cornwall.


It is worth exploring every corner of this pub to know the history of the property and perhaps also find a ghost buddy there. I was not that lucky in my first visit, but next time I go to book the most haunted room.

Another pub curiosity is the money notes spread all over the pub walls. A quick peep is enough to notice the different nationalities who have passed through there. World famous, remote, historic and quirky. What else would want to know to start planning your visit?

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