Craft beer Christmas indulgence by Beer 52

I got a bit more into artisan beers when I moved to Europe in 2011. You can find a good selection of craft beers practically everywhere you go in Birmingham. From micro-breweries to pubs and restaurants that are not afraid of saying big a no to bog-standard beers.

It’s now an important part of the pub revival scene as well and presents in our daily lives when we purchase beer online to get it at our doorsteps. Brilliant!

The craft beer market is booming all over the world and here in Britain, we pretty much appreciate a quality brewing.

Study shows 8% increase in breweries to 1,700 with their rising popularity and profitability turning them into takeover targets.

The great thing about artisan beers is the indulgence in new flavours and the experience of “travelling” to another country without necessary leave your home to grab a good beer.

So, imagine my happiness as soon as I got my Beer 52 by my front door last December. Yes, Santa does exist! Christmas was all about having a range of exclusive crafted ones at home.


The Beer 52 concept is quite simple: put together eight exclusive batches of great craft beers, plus a copy of Ferment magazine (which is a great magazine) and a delicious snack in a box sent monthly to your address. Voilá!  You become part of a World’s Largest Craft Beer Club.

There are many different plans to choose. One month, 3 months or 12 months’ subscription. It is worth it to have a look at the website and see what is the best for you.

And the first rule of this club is: drink and talk about it if can. So, I did!

I confess it took me some weeks to finish all my bottles. That’s because I believe craft beers are made for imaginative thinkers, so it is good to take your time and appreciate it properly with no rush!

There are a lot of work input by micro-breweries and local businesses around the world to get the right flavours and it would be just a crime not taking it for granted. Besides, every time you discover a new craft beer, you get to know about the history of those breweries too. For me, it matters!

Here are my thoughts about a Beer 52 box indulgence this Christmas:

1-   LittleBro IPA by Aegir Brewery, Norway. 4.7%

 I have a thing for Nordic beers and I knew a can of LittleBro would be a good first test for my palate. Loved it! The combination of orange zest, mango and melon go very well. And I’m fan of creamy and medium bitterness beers. Very enjoyable and perfect for winter cosy nights!


2-   Santa Paws by Brewdog, Scotland. 3.6%

Anyone with craft beers already tried some of Brewdogs ones at some point. They are responsible for a big chunk of influence in the beers crafting market. The good news is: there is always something new to be learnt from their success. And they still do great beer!

I loved Santa Paws because it also brought the Christmas’s spirit to my Beer 52 box.  A robust and warming Scotch Ale that can be enjoyable for all family.

3-   Fuck Art, the heathens are coming by To Øl, Denmark. 5.4%

There is something about the titles chosen for some artisan beers that make you stick with it as soon as you got your eyes on it. If propaganda is a form of art, I love the concept of the Nordic Brewery To Øl.

And what another great name a beer could have than Fuck Art, the heathens are coming? Danes know better about happiness than other people on the planet. And this beer makes me extremely happy. The citrusy aroma that goes down nicely any time of the year.


4-   Flower Power by The Flying Dutchman, Belgium. 4.7%

I’m familiar with loads of Belgium beer, but I have tried Flower Power for the first time here. And it was a pleasure to find out more about the flying Dutchmen Brewery as well. Another reason to head to Belgium soon, I guess. Flower Power hit my inner peace indeed.

5-   Mimosa by Wiper and True in Collaboration with Beer 52, The UK. 4.7%

Bristol is home to this interesting Brewery and Wiper and True claims to provide no ordinary beer. Something artisan beers enthusiasts much appreciate.  Mimosa is a classic Berliner Weisse. Cloudy and sour. Not one of my favourites, but drinkable.


6-   Single Hop Mosaic by Mikkeller in collaboration with Beer 52, Denmark. 4.3%

Mikkeller is another name you may be heard before. They are experimenting new hops, malt and yeast several years. From Copenhagen now to the world. It’s another brewery that can be inspiring to any micro-beer crafters. And I have all respect for those researching and producing this kind of fine beer. A hint of citrus, tropical fruits and crispness approved.


7-   Santa`s Private Reserve by Rogue, USA. 6%

Rogue is one of the most respected breweries. And I do believe they probably are responsible for a handcrafted market revolution around the world. A quick reading of the history of Rogue Farms takes you to the serious environment of a craft beer world. It’s fascinating, like this beer itself. This reddish ale is another Christmas treating. Perfect for the winter night when all you need is a cloudy and very sweet beer.

8-   Krampus by Mordue Brewery, The UK. 5.5%

Say hello to another British Multi-Award winning brewery. Mordue is a part of Britain that I never been too, in the Northeast of the country. And Krampus is another winter warmer. Golden Ale perfectly made for cold nights. Spicy and very heavy. To be appreciated calmly.

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