Brazilian Food Week – Homemade food festival brings together Brazilians around world

Ask any Brazilian living abroad what they miss most about their country and food will be on the top 5 list. No doubts about it. Oh well, our food is simply delicious.

The great news is the 2nd edition of Brazilian Food Week,  a gastronomic event hold in many cities all over the world will be happening happens from 03 to 12 February.

During 10 days, Brazilians from 25 cities will open the doors from their homes to receive other Brazilians (and everyone else) interested to eat typical food from Brazil, of course.

It’s a unique opportunity to get together and feel welcomed in another country having breakfast, lunch or dinner at somebody else’s house.

“It’s a different experience that has worked very well. We have stories of Brazilians that haven’t eaten Feijoada, for example, more than twelve years. Being hosted by another Brazilian and eat our food with our spices makes us feeling at home again “, says Flavio Estevam, CEO of Dinneer, the platform responsible for the Brazilian Food Week.

The platform that has existed for more than a year offers for those who enjoy cooking, the opportunity to put into practice their passion and, in addition, generate extra income after becoming a host on the site.

So, if you are missing Brazilian food with a bit of twist, you can eat again that dish that touches your heart – there are more than five thousand dishes spread in 38 countries.

The idea of the Brazilian Food Week arose some time ago when Flavio was living in New Zealand. He invited a couple of Brazilian friends to eat some typical Brazilian food at his house. His friends were so thrilled about, making realises how Brazilian miss their food wherever they are. It’s true!


“This event Week works for everyone who live outside of Brazil and wants beat the homesickness or simple experience some Brazilian food. Natives are super welcome around the table of our hosts as well. We have stories of Brazilians who took native friends and they simply loved the receptivity and the food”, explains Flavio.

The orders are as diverse as possible, but there are some winner dishes like Moqueca de Camarão (Shrimp Moqueca), Bobó de Camarão (Shrimp Dumpling), chicken dumpling, meat Stroganoff, feijoada and Brazilian barbecue ( Churrasco). Not necessarily in that same order.

Brazilian cuisine is so diverse that will be needed a google search to check the meaning of these dishes. But it’s guaranteed you will want to try some of them!

The cities that will host the Brazilian Food Week 2017 are London, Lisbon, Brussels, Toronto, Orlando, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Boston, Mexico City, Nagoya, Barcelona, Lima, Miami, Santiago, Sydney, Jakarta, San Francisco, Luanda, Milan, Casablanca, Cairo and Vancouver.

Visit to join this amazing gastronomic experience!

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