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Another city, another place to stay with a bit of twist. Amsterdam is a vibrant, modern and historic city. Unfortunately, I just could spend 24 hours there but it was a frantic and enjoyable visit, anyway.

Although public transport in the city is outstanding, we didn’t want to stay central. Our accommodation was a ground floor flat with a canal View in the trendy area of Spaarndammerbuurt. Only 10 minutes away from the Central Station and a walking distance to Jordaan, Westerpark and other nice neighbourhoods of Amsterdam.


Every time you stay in someone else`s house, it’s possible to feel a bit of their style of life. Zilla’s and Ming’s residence is a very vibrant place to spend time.

I can see music and literature are present in the life of this young couple and I just love the way it’s spread in the house. A wicked drum kit, a stylish bookcase and a respectable vinyl collection in the living room make it a nice room to spend hours chilling on it. Pity their cat was there. It would be a total hygge experience!



You are not allowed to play the vinyl. Fair enough. But you are more than welcome to listen to your music there. So, don`t forget to bring your iPod full of nice tunes. Natural light is also another great feature of this place. A large well-equipped kitchen leads you to a gorgeous back garden, which I imagine can be a perfect spot for a barbie in the spring and summer.


Toilet and bathroom are separated. While the bathroom has a huge bathtub with a Bluetooth speaker inviting you to have a proper relaxing (Suntory) time on it. The “disco” toilet is probably the best room in the flat itself. And I apologise for the spoiler, but it was too good to keep in secret. Isn’t just great?


I love the bed. Big, comfy and perfect for a chilling time after a hectic day in Amsterdam. And the bedroom also provides plenty of daylight to help you make the most of a cosy moment.


I confess I was a bit worried about the noise around for being a ground floor flat. But it’s a very quiet location. Some kudos for it!


a Dutch brekkie


A canal walk or/and a bike around the area can be a nice way of exploring Sparndammerbuurt better. Nice bars, restaurants and a local supermarket make life easy if you’re not keen on going to the centre. We got a good selection of food at the supermarket nearby and had a nice brekkie inside.


But if you do want to go central, there is a bus stop (number 22) only five minutes away from the flat. The apartment is perfect for a single couple or someone travelling on their own. We would stay one (or two) more days there.


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