Birmingham: its people, its history

Back to 2006 when I visited Birmingham for the first time, diversity was the word that I had in mind to best describe the city. Birmingham is diverse in so many ways, and it can be seemed in its history and people, for sure.


Thinking about this rich history,  Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery put together the permanent exhibition Birmingham: its people, its history.


From the medieval times to Industry Revolution and the city nowadays, this fascinating collection reveals the features of a Birmingham that dealt with two wars, expanded ina chaotic 18th century and developed important part of industrial history in the world.


Did you know that in the year 1166, a local man of the Manor called Peter de Birmingham spotted a business opportunity holding a weekly market. He started his profiting with the rental paid by the crafters who settle here and traders that came to sell their goods.  When the market started to prosper, the town of Birmingham was born!


During the war, Birmingham’s engineering and munitions industries were of fundamental importance to the British war forces.

Inventions are also another important feature of the city of a thousand trades. Birmingham produced medal and coins at the Birmingham Mint.


Did you know that Birmingham supplied 75% of the world’s pens during the 19th Century? More about it can be discovered at the Pen Museum in Jewerly Quarter!

By the way,  The Museum of the Jewerly Quarter  is one of the best museums in the city. Essential to understand why JQ is considered the home of British Jewellery. As well as, another important part of Birmingham’s industry history is portraited in the Back to Backs houses.


But what Brum has better to offer is certainly its people. This exhibition has collected the archive of the most interesting people from Birmingham. Brummies and many foreigners that have chosen here to build their lives and leave a legacy that makes this incredible city.


You can check several personal objects of people that make Birmingham  a special place to live and work. People like the poet Benjamin Zephanian.  In my opinion, these people’s stories are the best features of this exhibition about Brum.

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