What I Ate Wednesday | Purnell’s Bistro & Ginger’s Bar

Oh well, everyone in Birmingham (and beyond?) hearts chef Glynn Purnell. But if it’s not everyone that can make (yet) his Michelin- starred restaurant Purnell’s, the good news is: Purnell’s Bistro & Ginger’s Bar are both also magic and very affordable.

I had to tick this restaurant off my bucket list. So, let’s pretend that Valentine’s week was a perfect excuse to treat ourselves.And Blimey! prix fixe menu with three courses (£20) or two courses (£15). Who would miss the chance? Not me! We headed to Purnell’s Bistro on a Saturday afternoon to get the taste of Yummy Brummie’s food.


Up front, it’s the Ginger’s Bar that you see right in the entrance. It’s a cosy ambient where the cocktails and tempting bar food are served. A good space to start our gastronomic adventure with some drinks.At the first, I thought about matching wines with the food of the day, but as soon as I got into my first Daiquiri, there was no way back!


Table sorted, we checked what was on the menu for the day. While waiting for my starter, I got a moment to check the restaurant properly.  There is a bit of modern and at the same time cosy in the bistro that makes the place perfect for fine dining or just a casual meals.

It was just the beginning of the afternoon and the restaurant was already buzzing. A sign that business here is doing well. Thank you very much.



The bistro has tables placed in different spaces. Its décor has a touch of unpretentiousness that is what you would like to see at any top restaurant.

I like the minimalist on it. I like the mirrors strategically put in some rooms and it was also great to the menu placed behind the door of any toilet. Just in case you forget what you are about to ask for a meal.


The prix fixe menu board was right behind my table. But I didn`t have any doubts about what to ask as a starter: Goat Cheese + Truffle Bonbons and Pear and Walnut Salad. That was yummy indeed. Nothing can beat truffle bonbons, anyway. And I guess the pear gave a fresh taste to the walnut in this salad. Such a nice combination.


As main, I had the Confit Leg Duck with Parsnips and Carrot Purée. And what to expect of a crisp and succulent duck? I love the way parsnips were served. Different from the usual roasted ones and carrots are not the same after this delicious purée. I need the recipe for this winner-trio dish.


More cocktails to go! The Brumble was a right good choice before pudding. Blackberries and cassis. Everything was right about this one.


Desserts? One of my favourite things in life is getting a super-crunchy top in my puddings.


This Apple and Berry Crumble with Blackcurrant Sorbet exceeded my expectations. Hubby got the Rhubarb Trifle. And that was another great sample of a Michelin-starred chef food.  Service is superb and smooth.


We must remember that prix fixe menus are like sample menus, of course. In this case, it’s was more like the sample food of life. Back to Ginger’s Bar, I got a French Panther aka the most delicious drink of the day.


And I started to plan when it’s going to be the next visit to this gem of Brum. The food here is art and, after having a taste of it, it’s impossible not to come back for more.



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