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I don’t have a caravan or intention of having one in the future. But staying in a caravan for a couple of nights, on a farm in Gwynedd, was a memorable experience, to say the least.

We have chosen this isolated spot because if you are going to spend some days in accommodation like this, it’s better to be surrounded by plenty of outdoor space. And no people. Sorry, I still don’t do caravan camping sites. At least not in this life.  ;o)

We escaped from civilisation by going a bit further. With no neighbourhood for over 1 mile, this off-grid caravan was a perfect site for a long weekend celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary.


On the contrary to the glamping pod in Cornwall, that was our accommodation for a trip to Cornwall some years ago, this was limited electricity (based on a generator) place with just the essentials. So, it was extremely necessary to be cautious about the use of water and electricity. No problems if you are used to living with less.


The use of candles at the caravan is allowed since you are careful, of course. Being out of my comfort zone in a peaceful part of the UK was something that I really wanted to experiment with, anyway. So why not stay for half a week in the private rural setting of Gwynedd?


But don`t get me wrong. It’s not a 5-star hotel, but a very comfy place to stay in. Besides the static caravan, there is a tiny camping site with two tents also available to be rented on this property. It has a “mini-farm” where the “pets”, now and then, come to say hi or gate-crashing the caravan.

That was just great to be greeted by horses, ducks, birds, and pigs first thing in the morning. We are also welcome to have a bird of prey experience as part of our staying if we like.


The place is surrounded by scenic woodland. A perfect getaway for walkers and the ones looking for a secluded spot in Wales. You only can reach this site by your own transport. So, be prepared to drive in narrow country lanes with breath-taking scenic views. Always a good deal!


At night, it is pitch black. Seriously. You can’t see a single thing outside. Just an immense sky. It certainly will play with the imagination of anyone. What is great, anyway!

The caravan is suitable for 4 people, and it has plenty of space to sleep with 3 beds (1 small double bed and 2 single ones).


Our host Lyndsey explained families with kids already stayed in their caravan before. But I thought it was just great using the “small room” as a storage space to put all our luggage, and some food and drink.


Yes, bring your own food because the nearest city was Bala, and you probably won`t want to drive first thing in the morning to get a pint of milk, in case you forgot it. Lindsey and her family are always around and they can offer extra help, but it’s just polite bringing your own supply, of course.


By the way, the kitchen is well-equipped with a cooker, fridge and a lot of utensils. Cooking won`t be a problem with a kitchen window’s view that reminds you how lovely is walking up in the countryside.


In the lounge, there is a huge and comfy sofa, table, DVD player, a small tv, iPod dock, and some board games, books, and DVD titles. It’s a cosy space with big windows that provided the best views from the site.


We spent lots of time chilling in this space after some walking around the woodland. And during the night, we made the most of candlelights and music to enjoy the ambient properly. No single noise coming from outside, no lights apart from the stars in the sky. A great way to feel invigorated.


We were warned that a likely “alarm clock” provided by nature, could wake us up early in the morning with a loud cock a-doodle-doo.


They have roosters. But to be honest, I had one of the best nights out of my own bed when I was in this caravan. The rooster noise was just a bonus. They are there. It is part of the package if you are keen on staying on a site like this. And I loved it!


The bathroom is small, as you can imagine. Hot water is limited, for obvious reasons. So, don’t bring your bombshell, there is no luxurious bath available here. It is pretty much about a quick and decent hot shower. That’s a good way of learning to save water and time.


Exploring around Gwynedd – I confess I am very keen on North Wales and Mid-Wales. It is way more interesting than South Wales that I have been to until now. Gwynedd is located in northwest Wales and the scenery is superb wherever you go. From the caravan site, we could visit several landscapes around by car.


One of them was Llyn Tegid, aka Bala’s lake, which is the largest natural lake in Wales. Beautiful sightseeing that is heavily used for water sports enthusiasts. Expect stunning mountain views and rare wildlife. Picnic spots are also available in the area. I can imagine it is a destination for many families around during the summer.


Another recommended thing to do in that area is taking one of the highest public roads in Wales towards Bwlch Y Groes. Get ready to explore one of the most scenic drives in Britain that is a very popular destination for cyclists and bikers, as you can imagine. Stunning! You can get more information about this amazing part of Britain here.

picnic at the highest path in north Wales
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