Summer Holidays: top tips and perks when choosing an airport lounge

It’s summer! Time to getaway looking for a spot in the sunshine. Abroad, of course because the weather is not helping in the UK at this moment. Sorry!

But you don’t need to wait to be beside the pool for your holiday to start right. Get ready to enjoy the perks of a high-class airport lounge and relax until get onboard.

Plaza Premium Lounge is a well-known airport lounge specialist that offers some outstanding services in the arrivals and departments lounges of Terminals 2 and 4, and the arrivals area in Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport, in London.


Besides this, there are some top tips to help you make the most of your airport lounge experience:

1- Don’t leave yourself short!

There’s nothing worse than a long wait at the airport and the Wi-Fi comes at a cost. The free hour of Wi-Fi is great but after that you must pay. Most airport lounges offer free Wi-Fi meaning you can surf the net or stream at your leisure.

Holiday essential electronic devices and mobile phones also need charging so don’t leave yourself short, take advantage of the vast amount of charging stations and plug sockets located in airport lounges meaning you’re fully equipped and charged ahead of your flight!



2- Avoid the hustle and bustle

One of the most attractive benefits of an airport lounge is avoiding the crowds and ensuring you find a seat! Simply stroll to your lounge, pick a comfy seat and just sit back, relax and enjoy. Avoid the busy terminals and pull yourself away from the crowds for a little bit of peace and quiet!.

3- One ticket suits all!

Whether you’re flying first, business or standard class, no matter what ticket you have, anybody can visit a Plaza Premium Lounge and they don’t come at a first-class price! A visit to our lounges come as cheap as £35 per person for two hours and that gives you access to every benefit that our lounge has to offer!



You won’t need to worry about paying the hefty airport prices of food and drink when choosing an airport lounge. Most lounges provide access to great menus catering for breakfast, lunch or dinner! You won’t be thirsty either as a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also usually available in the price.


5-Refresh and revitalise

A hectic airport stay is the last thing you want ahead of a long-haul flight. A Plaza Premium departure lounge has a range of comfy beds ensuring you won’t miss out on valuable shut eye before you depart for your destination. If it isn’t shut eye you’re after perhaps it’s the chance to freshen up, whether it be shortly before departing or landing after your flight, each of our lounges whether it be in departures or arrivals has high-class showering facilities meaning you can certainly feel refreshed and revitalised!

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