Norway | 7 Unusual places to visit near Oslo

The capital of Norway can be the gateway for many Brazilians visiting the country. The city itself offers a myriad of possibilities, but it is also worth exploring the region, which is full of amazing locations nearby Oslo.

Check out some tour ideas around the capital:

 1- Lillehammer:

Lillehammer is a charming region in eastern Norway, located just two hours from Oslo, which became well known for the Netflix series called “Lilyhammer”. The series was all recorded on the spot. From there you can visit national parks, learn more about Norwegian culture, stay on farms dating back to medieval times, and try some local food prepared with fresh ingredients. Read more.

2- Hamar:


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Those who travel to Norway cannot forget to try the famous aquavit, distilled made of potato, which is the equivalent to our cachaça for the Nordic people. In Norway, it is possible to have that experience on the Aquavit Trail, a tour offered by the Linie factory in the city of Hamar, located 1h30min from Oslo. Read more.


3- Larvik:


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The distillery tours in Norway are combined to drink tastings, gastronomic experiences, farm visits, traditional Norwegian cooking classes and more.

#Kaupang was one of the first cities to exist in the history of Norway, being established around the year 800. Its strategic position allowed that the Vikings had facility of navigation and commerce. Today, there is a replica Viking house on site, which is 1h40min from Oslo, where you can also see a model of the original city. Read more.

4- Tønsberg: 


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The Slottsfjell Tower and its surroundings in Tønsberg are the largest preserved ruin in all of Scandinavia and visitors can see what remains of a 13th-century fortress. In the museum, there is also possible to understand better the history of the region. Tønsberg is located just 1h20min from Oslo. Read more.

 5- Romerike: 


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Located less than an hour from Oslo is the building where the Norway independence was declared, marking the break with the dominion of Denmark.

The site today is the residence for the 1814 Eidsvoll museum which recalls the history of independence and the Norwegian constitution of 1814. Read more.

6- Halden:


Source: Visit Norway


At the border of Norway and Sweden is located the village of Halden, which has been the scene of many battles between the two countries. In the place, there is a historical fortress of century XVII, that can be visited by those who are interested in knowing a little more about the history of Scandinavia. Halden is located just 1h30min from Oslo. Read more.

7- Åsgårdstrand: 


Source: Visit Norway 


The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch has created one of the most well-known paintings around the world, The Scream, which is on display at the Oslo National Gallery.

To know the intimacy of the famous artist, nothing better than visiting the house where he spent his summer vacation, located in the village of Åsgårdstrand, 1h15min from the capital. The house today became a small museum in his honour and visitors can find out where the painter created many of his masterpieces. Read more.

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